Tips under 10 minutes: Analyzing chat greetings using the API

by Jacob Firuta @ October 24, 2014

Analyzing greetings using API reports

When looking to optimize your greetings for conversion, you might want to check out some of the advanced reporting methods available through LiveChat’s API.

There are two particular reports that allow you to see which greetings are the most effective in terms of acquired chats, conversion to chat and getting various goals, like, for example, netting a sale.

Creating an emotional connection with customers

by Olga Kołodyńska @ October 14, 2014

Apple Fan with Tattoo

Customers are no longer concerned merely to satisfy their basic needs. They want to take consumption process to a higher level – they want an emotional connection with the brand. They want to experience something worth remembering and live better lives.

That’s why you need to meet your clients’ needs not just rationally, but also emotionally. You have to create memorable lasting experiences.

Happy leaders make for happy customers

by Anna Tomalik @ October 2, 2014

Happy leaders make for happy customers exc

Great customer service starts with the way you relate to your employees. When you care for your workers, it reflects in the service they provide.

I experienced the power of this relation while working at a casino as a Blackjack dealer. Each night, I was dealing cards to up to six players. I also had a supervisor at my back watching over the game.

I had to deliver the best customer service no matter what the mood was at the table. And the mood was swinging up and down for most of the time. When it comes to money people tend to get emotional easily.

How to say no to customers without making them angry

by Olga Kołodyńska @ September 9, 2014

How to say no to customers without making them angry

When clients need to contact a company’s support, they always want to hear the yes answer to all their requests. But that’s not always possible, is it?

We all take denial very seriously. It can cause an emotional, or even childlike response. We shout, hung up and threaten to leave. We are also quick to talk about it on social media – bad experiences are three times more likely to be shared than the positive ones.

That’s why you should seek alternatives to flat-out saying no. Understanding the denial mechanism is key to approaching these difficult situations. To get the hang of it, we need to look to our childhood. After all, it started the first time our parents denied us a candy.

Why I dropped supermarkets for personal service

by Anna Tomalik @ September 3, 2014

Getting personal through selling bread

Getting personal while doing business is far more valuable than simply meeting needs. It makes the customer’s experience real, fresh and fruitful. You cannot script it. It comes naturally when you are yourself.

My eyes were opened when I curiously stepped into this tiny eco market and discovered the old-school way of shopping. Human to human. It appealed to me as something completely new.

It was so much different than the one I used to have at a wal-martesque hypermarket stuffed with mass-produced goods where interaction happened only at the counter.

Every saturday in my tiny eco market I could get close to real people and products. The products, which are handmade and patiently grown, are also carefully delivered by the producers themselves. No anonymous 3rd parties in the middle.

Experiencing this place made me drop supermarkets, pay 30% more for products and wait impatiently for the eco market Saturdays to come.

The power of this place came from the people delivering goods they believe in. It was in the authenticity of the eco market. But, most importantly, in the relationships I could get while shopping.

Optimize your chatting schedule using tags

by Jacob Firuta @ August 22, 2014

Optimizing your work schedule

It’s good to know the chatting habits of your customers. This knowledge allows you to adapt your chatting schedule and shift around people if you are getting more chats on a particular part of the week or day.

We like to get into the heads of our website visitors by predicting not only the time of the day when we will get the most chats but also the topics that will be discussed.

See how we use tags and reports to take a peak into the future to prepare for the coming chats.

How to create a knowledge base

by Jacob Firuta @ August 8, 2014

How to create a knowledge base

There’s few things that can save you as much effort and man-hours as having a functional knowledge base on your website.

Without a knowledge base, your agents need to provide all kinds of information during one on one conversations with customers. The information is there, but the delivery method is far from efficient.

Read about the methods we used to build our knowledge base to more than 100 articles and around 1500 daily visits.

Catering to international clients in the forex industry

by Jacob Firuta @ July 31, 2014

Foreign currency exchange via LiveChat

In the round-the-clock world of forex trading, there is an exceptional demand for high quality customer service. Information is vital for traders and it has to be provided on the spot.

With costly international calls out of the picture, live chat seems like a natural pick for broker companies. See how these companies utilize live chat to provide quick and precise data to their busy clients.

Increasing customer engagement using data from Google Analytics

by Jacob Firuta @ July 25, 2014

Increasing customer engagement using Google Analytics

When trying to come up with ways to increase the engagement of our online visitors, we decided to look to our Google Analytics data that we’ve been collecting for a while now.

We’re all about making decisions based on data and testing, so this was a natural process for us and we can’t recommend it enough. Seriously, if you ever find yourself looking at a business decision, look to your data.

The tricky part, however, is to ask the right questions. In our case, we wanted to see how chat use affects metrics like average session duration (how long it takes before a visitor leaves your page), average page depth (what portion of your visitors reach one, two, three and more pages) and conversion rate (which of the visitors buy the product or sign up for a trial after chat).

Read on to see how we reached the interesting bits of data, what kind of impact chat has on visitor engagement and what we did to get even better results.

How to increase sales using live chat [infographic]

by Jacob Firuta @ July 15, 2014

How to increase sales using live chat

Good customer service can go hand in hand with great sales results. If you use chat to quickly resolve all the problems of your customers, they are bound to come back for more.

You can also play a more active part in increasing your sales through chat. We worked with The Chat Shop, your go-to chat experts, to produce an infographic that outlines the key methods of increasing sales via live chat.