Webinar: How to Increase Sales With Live Chat

by Jacob Firuta @ May 16, 2014

Webinar: How to Increase Sales Using Live Chat

Providing a live chat feature on your page is a good first step towards increasing your monthly revenue. However, it shouldn’t be the only one.

Join us on Wednesday, May 21st at 1:00 pm GMT during a webinar on How to Increase Sales Using Live Chat. Along with people from The Chat Shop, we will touch on 4 main aspects of improving sales with chat.

Measuring your chat metrics with LiveChat Dashboard

by Jacob Firuta @ May 14, 2014

Measuring chat metrics with LiveChat Dashboard

Companies are falling in love with data. Everyone seems to be interested in both tracking and visualizing all kinds of information. What’s more, companies don’t just want to look at spreadsheets filled with numbers but they want to see them in a beautiful way.

See why we decided to create a dashboard for LiveChat and how it turned out.

Tackling Cart Abandonment with Greetings

by Jacob Firuta @ April 29, 2014

Tackling shopping cart abandonment

Shopping carts are the worst place to lose a customer. You’ve spent hours preparing descriptions for items in your shop, only to see a full cart being abandoned after a couple of minutes on the checkout page.

When a potential client is not interested with your promo message, you can always improve it. When the description of your items is not detailed enough, you can expand it. However, how do you make your checkout page better?

See how you can use greetings to approach unsure customers and help them finish their purchase.

How to organize customer support on social media

by Aleksandra Koziol @ April 18, 2014

Social media support

It’s been a long while since social media served only as a place for companies to share their ideas and wait for “Likes”. Now it’s one of the most important channels for customers to ask questions and report complaints.

Companies are present on several big social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn. However only the first two are widely used for customer support. Since many people use those platforms every day to communicate, it’s only natural for them to seek support there.

How (mt) Media Temple scales customer service

by Jacob Firuta @ March 14, 2014

How Media Temple scales customer service

Delivering the same customer service standards becomes increasingly difficult as your company grows. More customers means more chats, tickets and calls.

You need a plan for scaling.

See how (mt) Media Temple, a Los Angeles-based premium web hosting and cloud services company, manages a large customer service team and scales it: How they get new agents, what tools they use and what kind of stats they measure.

4 reasons why you need a customized pre-chat survey

by Jacob Firuta @ February 27, 2014

4 reasons why you need a customized pre-chat survey

Pre-chat surveys play an important role in helping your customers. It is your first opportunity to get some information about a client. You need to make the pre-chat survey questions count.

Surveys help you to get to know your customers. By customizing them, you can significantly improve your responses and boost case resolution.

We’ve looked at almost 4,000 businesses using both custom and default surveys. Here’s what we found out.

How to write a product review

by Jacob Firuta @ February 21, 2014

Writing a product review

Writing a review for a product you’re trying to market is a proven way of getting new leads. However, with thousands of them popping up on the web every day, how to make your review worth checking out?

There are two popular schools of writing reviews: the comparative review and the in-depth one. Even though both of them are intended to produce the same results, they do it quite differently.

Read on to see what kind of writing is the most appealing and produces the best results.

7 ways to properly handle tickets

by Jacob Firuta @ February 14, 2014

How to properly handle tickets

Ticket handling can get pretty brutal. Your attempts at solving the existing tickets can get foiled by a never-ending stream of new cases. Bouncing stray tickets from department to department can easily get in the way of proper resolution times.

In the end, you get swamped with tickets and your clients get angry because their cases are not resolved. To avoid this fate you need to get organized!

These 7 points will help you manage your tickets and allow you to speed up your response and resolution times.