LiveChat on e-commerce and customer service

by Szymon Klimczak @ October 26, 2011

LiveChat-Beetil integration

The more knowledge your operators have, the better service they will be able to offer to your customers and website visitors.

Guys from Beetil help you improve your customer service – they make use of LiveChat API to attach chat transcripts to the tickets created in their service management tool to provide an additional information in created tickets.

by Bartosz Olchówka @ February 21, 2011

We have just updated LiveChat API with an awaited API key. It has become the very common practice in the API design nowadays and it aims at simplifying API usage. From now on you can invoke all API methods without any authorization, just using your unique API key.

You will get your own API key in the control panel under the My profile » API key tab. You can use it to call any API method right away. Read more on how to do it on Calling API methods page.

by Bartosz Olchówka @ December 23, 2010

We have prepared an API to let you integrate with LiveChat as easily as it’s possible. There are two ways you can do that: using LiveChat REST API — allows you to read, create, update and delete data, such as operators, online visitors or chat transcripts. It’s a great way to write your own LiveChat-based applications. using LiveChat JavaScript API — allows you to display invitations or the chat window using custom JavaScript handlers. It’s very suitable for improving your visitors experience and deeply customizing LiveChat solution. Please keep in mind that the LiveChat API is still in development. You [...]