by Jacob Firuta @ October 24, 2014
Analyzing greetings using API reports

When looking to optimize your greetings for conversion, you might want to check out some of the advanced reporting methods available through LiveChat’s API.

There are two particular reports that allow you to see which chat invitations are the most effective in terms of acquired chats, conversion to chat and getting various goals, like, for example, netting a sale.

by Jacob Firuta @ April 29, 2014
Tackling shopping cart abandonment

Shopping carts are the worst place to lose a customer. You’ve spent hours preparing descriptions for items in your shop, only to see a full cart being abandoned after a couple of minutes on the checkout page.

When a potential client is not interested with your promo message, you can always improve it. When the description of your items is not detailed enough, you can expand it. However, how do you make your checkout page better?

See how you can use greetings to approach unsure customers and help them finish their purchase.

by Szymon Klimczak @ September 1, 2011
ROI-Boy will teach you something new about LiveChat :)

The summer and holidays are over, it’s time to get back to work again. The kids went back to school, so maybe it’s a good idea for you to learn something new as well?

I prepared a short list of cool facts about LiveChat – some will tell you more about features of our product, the others will show you interesting statistics.

You might have known about some of them, but did you know them all?

by Jacob Firuta @ June 25, 2011

Three easy steps to boost your invite-to-chat ratio – get even more out of our live chat solution by utilizing these three simple methods:

Personalization: One of the most helpful features of LiveChat is its personalization capability. The way your invitation looks like may well decide whether your visitors will start a chat or not.

by Szymon Klimczak @ April 22, 2011

Newsletter campaign is one of the most efficient ways of staying in touch with the customers and generating extra sales on ecommerce website. Below I will show you how to combine the potential of newsletter with LiveChat so our system would use triggers to automatically invite to chat the newsletter receivers interested in your product – as an example, let’s do that for the iPhone 4 newsletter.

The list of the necessary things is short – we need a newsletter and a chat invitation. The email message with a special offer for the product you want to sell must encourage the visitors to click on the link and visit your website. You should also spend a few minutes on setting up a custom chat invitation graphic, especially the one that will match the newsletter design or will use the product that you advertise. In our example we will have the custom message displayed on the screen of iPhone 4.

by Piotr Bednarek @ January 15, 2011
What if your visitors contact you not through your site and LiveChat solution but i.e. via e-mail? How to encourage and invite them to LiveChat? You can easily place an image or text link in your email footer to launch the chat window: We have function which will fit you perfectly! Just login to your Control panel ( and then go to Install > Chat button > Advanced options > and pick “Code without JavaScript – use it on online auctions and e-mail signatures” *if you are using embedded chat window go to the Window type section of the Control […]
by Krzysztof Górski @ August 31, 2010
Update of LiveChat application to version has been released today. This app contains a set of the new features introduced since the previous release (version Tag-based canned responses Operator gains quick access to canned responses thanks to tags associated with them. Just type ‘#’ and first letters of a tag (i.e. #prices) in the chat window and then select a proper message that will be instantly placed in the chat window. Autoinvite button replaced by Triggers From now on, chat invitation rules are defined in the Control Panel (Settings->Triggers). Operators don’t have to remember to turn the autoinvitation […]
by Szymon Klimczak @ August 17, 2010
Stop waiting for the website visitors to click on the LiveChat button. Start proactively reaching out to them and personally engage your website visitors. Personalized Chat Invitation? From time to time I watch the traffic on our website and select particular visitors to chat with me. I use the feature called ‘Personal Invite’, which is available when you click right mouse button on any website visitor. This feature gives you the ability to enter a custom message that will be displayed on the visitor’s screen along with your name and picture. Using the Personal Chat Invitation (as shown above) maximizes the chance of […]
by Szymon Klimczak @ July 4, 2010
Adding a chat solution is a trend that the most serious e-commerce websites started some time ago as they noticed how positively live chat affects their business. Giving visitors ability to instantly communicate with the website owner (or sales/support representative) was and still is an advantage over the phone or email. But let’s say you finally added LiveChat to your website, you need to make sure that all of its parts make a really good match to the other elements of your site. If your website is mostly black and white, you definately don’t want to add yellow and blue […]

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