by Bartosz Olchówka @ December 23, 2010
We have prepared an API to let you integrate with LiveChat as easily as it’s possible. There are two ways you can do that: using LiveChat REST API — allows you to read, create, update and delete data, such as operators, online visitors or chat transcripts. It’s a great way to write your own LiveChat-based applications. using LiveChat JavaScript API — allows you to display invitations or the chat window using custom JavaScript handlers. It’s very suitable for improving your visitors experience and deeply customizing LiveChat solution. Please keep in mind that the LiveChat API is still in development. You […]
by Piotr Bednarek @ December 11, 2010
In case your company has lots of customers from the entire world, we made special language improvement which will suit you perfectly. From now on, operators can easily switch languages in Spelling-checker plugin during the chat. To do so, the operator must update to the latest version of the plugin. In LiveChat application please go to Advanced > Add-ons Manager > Spelling-Checker Plugin and click the Update this plugin button. Then, restart the application. The operator will be able to switch the languages in the chat window by clicking the right mouse button on the highlighted (misspelled) word and choosing […]
by Bartosz Olchówka @ November 21, 2010
LiveChat configuration completeness bar — displayed in your Control Panel — gives you one important information. It tells you how effectively your LiveChat is configured. In other words, the closer to 100% you are, the more advantages of using LiveChat you will see. We have written an Introduction Tutorial to help you with configuring LiveChat properly. Until your configuration will reach 100% you will see the tutorial link under the completeness bar. Just follow all 7 important steps and see how your LiveChat gives you even more advantages than before. It will, promise! Don’t wait. Proceed to the Introduction Tutorial […]
by Jacob Firuta @ November 18, 2010
Guess what has just popped up at the App Store? That’s right, new shiny LiveChat for iPhone. Now you can enjoy watching you website activity live and chatting with your clients on your favorite mobile device. Please have a look at some screenshots from the latest LiveChat for iPhone application.   Read more how to install LiveChat for iPhone. In case you have any questions or problems, please post your thoughts on our support forum. Thank you!
by Piotr Bednarek @ November 15, 2010
During the chat you can display advanced visitor details at any time. To know your customer better (i.e. what he’s looking for or how he found your site) just select the View Profile button in your chat window to display visitor details panel. You can also check Geolocation option and know exactly where from your visitor is.
by Blazej Szperlinski @ November 8, 2010
We recently introduced Forums – a new channel of communication, designed for self-service, as well as for improvement of customer support . From now on you may take part in General and Platform-wise public discussion, interact with other LiveChat customers, share experiences, best practices, and even resolve each others queries. We’re really excited and looking forward to where will this take us! Forums are intended to consist of how-to articles, official announcements, feature and upgrade debates. Because of the supportive character, we will also provide technical aid, troubleshooting, and FAQ’s. If that’s not enough, you will still be able to […]
by Bartosz Olchówka @ November 7, 2010
LiveChat gives you a great opportunity to have a direct insight into a chat currently held by other operator. You can: check if the talk proceeds as intended, send a message visible only by the engaged operator (not the customer), join the conversation in case it requires your immediate action. To supervise the chat, just open your LiveChat “Online visitors” list, click right mouse button over the ongoing conversation and choose the “Supervise chat” option. Once correctly used, supervising chats can bring lots of information about your LiveChat operators’ effectiveness. You can also save the important contract by taking over […]
by Bartosz Olchówka @ November 4, 2010
As we heavily understand the era of mobile devices that has just came up, we’re very eager to make LiveChat available for everyone, everywhere. We’re proud to announce that we have just started the development of LiveChat for Windows Phone 7. The first stable version of the application is scheduled for January 2011. We will keep you posted as the development goes on. Read more about the Windows Phone 7. By the way, LiveChat for iPhone is now waiting for approval in the App Store. It should be available really soon.
by Bartosz Olchówka @ November 3, 2010
Sometimes you will face the need to remotely change the status of LiveChat operator. There are a few common situations that can happen: An operator leaves his office, but forgets to turn off the computer. He leaves the LiveChat opened and, as a result, the button on your website states “Operators are available”, which is not true. You want to manually select the operators that should be available to your customers right now. In those (and similar) cases just log in to your LiveChat Control Panel and go to Users section. In the “Status” column you will be able to […]
by Bartosz Olchówka @ November 2, 2010
LiveChat is a very flexible system and, compared to other products available on the market, provides wide range of useful solutions. Multiple websites support is a built-in feature that lets you talk to the visitors of different websites at a time. The good news is that all statistics will be still grouped by different website profiles. It means that you’ll be able to analyse how LiveChat works on each of the websites. What’s more, unique chat invitations, chat window templates and chat buttons — all can be configured separately for each website as well. Setting up two different profiles Start […]
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