by Szymon Klimczak @ March 16, 2011
LiveChat for iPhone works in background

Our LiveChat application for iOS just got updated! Of course the most important change it brings is the support for backgrounding (available on iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4) – now you can carry LiveChat on you wherever you go, get notified about incoming messages from visitors browsing your website and reply instantly!

App running in background isn’t however the only change we introduced – more and more features you already know from the desktop applications got moved to the mobile version for convenient chatting on the go:

  • you will love the fact that canned responses are now easily accessible on your mobile via round ‘Script’ button
  • customer message sneak-peek allows you to see the message from customer before it’s even sent, just like on the desktop app
  • supervisors and managers will find the chat supervision useful – it can be quickly accessed by tapping ongoing chat

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