by Olga Kolodynska @ August 25, 2015

People share more than 16,000 words per day and every hour there are more than 100 million conversations about brands. We love to share stories and news with those around us. But why do we talk about certain things and not others?

Turns out it isn’t about luck or magic. There’s a science behind why people talk and share. Jonah Berger, the author of “Contagious: Why things catch on”, created six principles that drive people to share all sorts of content. You can use them to create contagious content and make people talk about your product, service or brand.

by Jacob Firuta @ January 30, 2015
2015 Super Bowl Stadium

When tuning in to the Big Game on Sunday we are pretty much just as excited for the game itself as we are for the ads. Over the years, they have become an integral part of every Super Bowl weekend and something worth looking forward to.

When looking at the ad costs though, I wonder if its entirely justified. Shelling a couple of millions for a 30-second slot seems like a whole lot of cash. Companies do get to see their ads displayed in front of over 100 million viewers in the US and a couple millions abroad though.

Are these commercials still valid marketing tools that net sales or have they become more of a status symbol for a particular company or brand?

by Justyna Polaczyk @ December 3, 2014
They buried email alive

There was a time when email was in its heyday. When not having an email account meant that the world moves forward without you. But then – something has changed. Social media were popularized and outshone the rest of internet communication paths. Professionals started using them as a marketing tool.

And a myth was born that email is slowly dying.

What is the truth? Did the appearance of social media influence email’s effectiveness?

Lets not hammer a final nail in email’s coffin just yet! Email is here to stay.

by Jacob Firuta @ February 21, 2014
Writing a product review

Writing a review for a product you’re trying to market is a proven way of getting new leads. However, with thousands of them popping up on the web every day, how to make your review worth checking out?

There are two popular schools of writing reviews: the comparative review and the in-depth one. Even though both of them are intended to produce the same results, they do it quite differently.

Read on to see what kind of writing is the most appealing and produces the best results.

by Jacob Firuta @ August 8, 2012
Curiosity Rover on Mars
Curiosity Rover on Mars

The web population of the world had its fair share of breath-holding moments when we’ve all watched NASA’s Curiosity Rover landing on Mars. An amazing feat that already marked its place in history.

Although, the ongoing Mars mission is, without a question, a great advancement in science, all those who are interested in social media will find a part of it also very interesting.

by Jacob Firuta @ July 12, 2012
What is an Interest Graph
What is an Interest Graph

There is one resource that always plays a role in modern businesses, a key element that often remains elusive and hard to come by. Information, the missing puzzle piece for many businesses, comes at a very high price today.

What a better way to gain that valuable data than through an interest graph – a modern mix between the power of search engines and social media. Read on to see what exactly interest graphs are and how to create on for your business.

by Jacob Firuta @ April 25, 2012
What to do in a crisis situation
What to do in a crisis situation

It’s easy when there are no complaints, when your customers are satisfied and when you are making nothing but good decisions.

When things go sideways however, you should be ready, prepared to act swiftly to dismantle the situation. Here are some points you should consider when a mistake on your part occurs.

by Blazej Szperlinski @ April 2, 2012
Brand logotypes promise specific qualities
Coca-Cola, SmugMug, Mashable, HarleyDavidson Logo represents the brand

A brand ideally means a sustainable promise. Being able to match the expectations with reality will result in positive chatter about your product.

I’ll help you build customer loyalty, and get free publicity by branding your product the way top sellers do. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy your day, learning to make your fans market for you.

by Jacob Firuta @ March 24, 2012
Are you ready for the new brand pages?
Are you ready for the new brand pages?

The new way of presenting your Facebook fan page – the timeline, is about to roll out on all the fan pages, whether you are ready for the change or not.

There’s still some time left so get yourself prepared without even breaking a sweat.

See what is going to change and how it will affect your brand page. You can still make it with your new design before the deadline!

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