Easily integrate LiveChat with third party integrations.

Zendesk integration

Improve your support cases handling by integrating your Zendesk with LiveChat. Create new tickets straight from the chat window to keep a steady flow of communication from your chat to your help desk.

Zendesk integration

How it works

LiveChat integration with Zendesk allows you to keep e-mail communication with customers in one place. Using this integration, you will be able to:

  • Create Zendesk tickets on-the-fly during chats with customers. Press the Zendesk button and the chat will be immediately transferred as a ticket to Zendesk, along with a full chat transcript.
  • Forward your after-hours messages from customers directly to Zendesk.
  • See what your Zendesk page visitors are currently doing.
  • Place a Chat now button on your Zendesk pages.
  • Enable one-click tickets to quickly create new cases in Zendesk.

Additionally, your agents will be able to look up a visitor’s ticket history in the chat window as long as the visitor logs in to chat using the same e-mail. This makes the support process much easier and quicker.

Zendesk updated screen

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