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Materials that will teach you the art of all that is LiveChat.
by Bartosz Olchówka

Facebook: chat with your fans

Have you ever wanted to get a chance to directly speak with your Facebook fan page visitors? Now you can!

LiveChat for Fan Pages will give you an additional channel of information streaming from Facebook.

Setting up

To get LiveChat for your fan page, please visit the app’s installation page.

Afterwards, click on Add LiveChat to your page button.

If you have more than one fan page, select the page to which the app should be added from the drop down list and click on Add LiveChat for Fan Pages.

Adding live chat to Facebook button

You will be automatically redirected to your fan page. A new icon, LiveChat with us, will appear in your sidebar. Click it to finish the set up.

LiveChat button on Facebook

All that is missing is your LiveChat email address and your API key. You can get your API key by going to the API key page.

Copy and paste the API key to finish the setup. Click on Activate to finalize.

You can easily change the name of your LiveChat menu icon. To do that, extend the tab menu and click on the Edit icon. Here, you need to select Edit settings. Now, you can edit the name and image. Finish by clicking on Save and then OK.

From this moment, your fan page visitors can contact you directly on Facebook.