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23 APRIL 2015

Separate chat sessions for multiple websites

If you are offering LiveChat on multiple websites, you can now make sure that customers who visits several of your pages will get a separate chat on each of those sites.

This is especially useful if you have several websites offering similar products as clients might enter a few of them and you should offer separate chat experience on each of those sites.

Check out our groups tutorial for more details and configuration instructions.

Separate chat sessions for different LiveChat groups
01 APRIL 2015

Exportable first and average response times reports

The exportable Chats report offers two new values: first and average chat response times. This information is available for all your chats.

Enterprise plan users can get the Chats report in the Export section.

Average and first response times exportable report
27 MARCH 2015

Ticket emails configuration

You can now choose which ticket-related emails will be sent out to ticket requesters in the Automated emails section.

There are two emails that can be enabled or disabled at will:
a notification sent after a new ticket is created and a rating request sent after a ticket is resolved.

Automated ticket emails in LiveChat
06 FEBRUARY 2015

Exportable tickets report

You can now export all your LiveChat tickets to a file. This comes extra handy if you need to keep a copy of your tickets for archiving purposes or if you want to analyze the cases you are getting.

This exportable report is available for the Enterprise plan users.

Exportable ticket report
05 JANUARY 2015

Android application update

Pick up the new version of the LiveChat app for your Android. The new version sports a brand new tablet view, new notification for returning visitors and a number of smaller UI and bug fixes.

Grab the new app today on Google play.

Tablet view in the new Android app
02 JANUARY 2015

Chat tags reminder

You can now get more chats tagged by displaying a short reminder message for your agents whenever a chat is closed without a tag. This will help you get more information about the cases handled via your chat.

Tag reminder update
15 DECEMBER 2014

Adjustable inactivity timeouts

You can now choose to close a chat automatically after a certain time threshold.

You can also choose how long it will take to transfer a chat when one of your agents is inactive.

See how to change the timeout thresholds in our article on chat routing.

Inactivity timeout
09 DECEMBER 2014

Changes in the Reports section

The Reports section has been tidied up and now offers a clean look on the data from your LiveChat.

The filter settings now include Agent and Group options and are remembered when you switch between different reports. There's a short tutorial in the Reports section that covers all these changes.

New reports filters in LiveChat
19 NOVEMBER 2014

Reports section improvements

You can now get more information about your agents and their work from the updated Reports section:

  1. See how many chats or resolved tickets an agent got in the Agents section.
  2. Get information about customer satisfaction from tickets in the Last 7 days report.
  3. See which agents are able to resolve tickets efficiently.

Here's how the chats and tickets data looks like in the Agents section:

Report updates
31 OCTOBER 2014

Canned responses in supervised chats

You can now make the job of your agents a bit easier by using pre-made canned responses when supervising.

Additionally, agents can now use canned responses when creating a new ticket.

Using canned responses when supervising
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