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File Sharing

Now both agents and customers can send files over LiveChat. Thanks to it they can reach the understanding faster, share screenshots, important documents or marketing materials.

The option is available to all customers. Read more in our files sharing tutorial.

Sharing files via LiveChat

Staffing prediction report

See how many agents you need to answer all chats using the new staffing prediction report. The report estimates how many agents you will need based on the amount of queries you got in the last 4 weeks.

This report is available for the Enterprise plan users.

Staffing prediction in LiveChat
20 AUGUST 2014

Photos in tickets from Facebook

You can now receive photos through the Tickets from Facebook integration. The photos will be automatically added to the relevant tickets as attachments.

Additionally, the names of ticket requesters are now linked to their Facebook profiles. This makes it easier to see who has left a particular ticket and opens up possibilities for personalized service.

If you are not using the tickets from Facebook integration yet, give it a go.

Attachments in Tickets from Facebook
18 AUGUST 2014

Ticket drafts

Thanks to the new ticket drafts, you can go back and forth between a chat and a ticket without having to start writing the ticket reply over and over again.

Ticket drafts
06 AUGUST 2014

New exportable report

Enterprise plan users can now export the newly added Queue Abandonment report. Access the Export section to get the report.

Queue abandonment exportable report in LiveChat
01 AUGUST 2014

Average chat duration statistics

See how long it takes to wrap up an average chat using the new average chat duration report.

This report is available for the Enterprise plan users.

Average chat duration report in LiveChat
30 JULY 2014

Queue abandonment

Use the data from the new queue abandonment report to get in touch with visitors who left your queue without starting a chat.

Queue abandonment report in LiveChat
28 JULY 2014

Clickable charts and easy archives navigation

Click on individual bars when looking at the Total chats and Chat ratings reports to get more feedback by accessing the related conversations in the archives.

Additionally, you can now use the up and down keys to navigate more easily through your archived chats.

Clickable reports
14 JULY 2014

Muting sound notifications

You can now disable all sound notifications while keeping the visual notifications enabled.

Simply go to the notification settings and click on the Mute all sounds option. Learn more in the notifications tutorial.

Mute all notifications
07 JULY 2014

Facebook posts and messages as tickets in LiveChat

Handle your entire support communication in one place using the Tickets from Facebook integration. It allows you to receive your Facebook wall posts and direct messages as tickets in LiveChat. All your replies to those tickets will be automatically posted to Facebook.

Check out the integration tutorial for more information and installations instructions.

Facebook posts as tickets in LiveChat
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