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15 DECEMBER 2014

Adjustable inactivity timeouts

You can now choose to close a chat automatically after a certain time threshold.

You can also choose how long it will take to transfer a chat when one of your agents is inactive.

See how to change the timeout thresholds in our article on chat routing.

Inactivity timeout
09 DECEMBER 2014

Changes in the Reports section

The Reports section has been tidied up and now offers a more clean look on the data from your LiveChat.

The filter settings now include Agent and Group options and are remembered when you switch between different reports. There's a short tutorial in the Reports section that covers all these changes.

New reports filters in LiveChat
19 NOVEMBER 2014

Reports section improvements

You can now get more information about your agents and their work from the updated Reports section:

  1. See how many chats or resolved tickets an agent got in the Agents section.
  2. Get information about customer satisfaction from tickets in the Last 7 days report.
  3. See which agents are able to resolve tickets efficiently.

Here's how the chats and tickets data looks like in the Agents section:

Report updates
31 OCTOBER 2014

Canned responses in supervised chats

You can now make the job of your agents a bit easier by using pre-made canned responses when supervising.

Additionally, agents can now use canned responses when creating a new ticket.

Using canned responses when supervising
30 OCTOBER 2014

Ticket ratings

Get feedback on your team's ability to handle ticket cases.

Customers who receive a notification email about a resolved ticket can now rate the received service as good or bad. The request for feedback is sent 3 days after the resolution.

You can check on this information in the Ticket satisfaction report.

Ticket ratings in LiveChat
28 OCTOBER 2014

New chat window skins: Minimal and Circle

Two new chat window skins have been added to the gallery. You can now choose between the simplistic and raw Minimal look or the fun and engaging Circle skin.

Both new skins are now available in the Themes section.

Circle and Minimal chat window skins for LiveChat
13 OCTOBER 2014

Visitor time zone information

Offer more personalized service using the information about your visitor's time zone. The visitor's local time is now displayed in the application, allowing you to change your approach depending on the part of the day.

Visitor time zone
02 OCTOBER 2014

New chat window look available

Get a new, fresh chat window look for your live chat. You can now choose between the classic LiveChat skin and a modern one. More skins are coming!

New LiveChat chat window look

New chat response time reports

Learn more about the efficiency of your chat agents from two new reports.

First response time and Average response time reports will tell you how quickly your agents respond to new chats and how fast they reply in existing conversations.

Both these reports are now available for Enterprise plan users in the Reporting section.

First response time report

File Sharing

Now both agents and customers can send files over LiveChat. Thanks to it they can reach the understanding faster, share screenshots, important documents or marketing materials.

The option is available to all customers. Read more in our files sharing tutorial.

Sharing files via LiveChat
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