2019 Customer Service Report – What You Need to Know

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2019 Customer Service Report

The beginning of the New Year means new challenges and records to break. Not only your visits to the gym, but something more business-related, like customer satisfaction.

When we say customer satisfaction at LiveChat, we mean the ratio of good customer rates to all customer rates on chat (good and bad). Don’t you want to beat the score and get as close as you can to 100% customer satisfaction? I bet you do, it’s in every entrepreneur’s blood.

To help you start, I’ve pulled the main takeaways from LiveChat 2019 Customer Service Report that you should focus on. Print them out, hang on the office fridge and stick to them. Hopefully, your customer service will be better and better each month. And next year’s scores will prove it. Let’s go!

Data we considered

It’s worth mentioning, the report is based on the data from 25k companies representing 19 industries. It gave us 47.4 billion website visits, 437 million chats, and 21 million tickets to analyze.

I’ll share the essentials of what we found while digging into these numbers. After all, we don’t just brag about them, we draw conclusions and learn to provide better service for the next year.

Customer satisfaction is dropping – “I want it that way”

Customer satisfaction is dropping slightly every year. In 2018, it was 82.26%, in 2017 it was 83.54%. Responsible, partially, for this slight drop are rising customer expectations.

In 2017, we encouraged you to improve first response time, now you need to take more steps to make customers happy. These days, customers compare you to the best experience they ever received (not only to those in your industry).

It means your competition is bigger now, and you need to find all the customer touchpoints and think which of them you can improve.

Shep Hyken, Customer Service Expert and New York Times bestselling author recommends that you ask yourself these questions:

Where can you save your customers time? Do you resolve their issues? What technologies are you using to create a better experience? How easy are you to do business with, especially when there is a problem? Answer those questions and compare how you deliver service, not just against your competition, but against the companies who have set the bar high. Take action and you’ll be prepared to buck the trend of declining customer satisfaction.

Always look at things from customer’s perspective – they should be at the center of your business.

Grzegorz Wozniczko, Head of Support at LiveChat, thinks that the decrease in customer satisfaction is a result of a combination of higher expectations and the initial boom connected to AI. According to Grzegorz:

While customers were expecting better and better support, companies were replacing real support managers with bots, having little knowledge of proper implementation, as it’s still uncharted territory.

There’s a huge potential in using AI in customer service, you just need to do it right. You don’t want to introduce a bot to your customers that is poorly developed and only increases their irritation. Do it wisely and you’ll see the change! Here’s our hint.

Bots don’t bite, they boost your performance

In 2018, the best customer satisfaction was achieved by the biggest companies, who had more than 500 employees. It was at 86.16%.

The biggest companies have dedicated support teams. Their daily job is to constantly improve the service they provide, which gives them leverage over smaller ones who focus on developing their product.

Medium size companies had to face the worst satisfaction among other business sizes. Companies with 10-49 employees had 79.93% of satisfied customers and those with 50-99 employees scored 80.67% customer satisfaction. It’s below the global average.

Medium size companies work on their product and try to provide the best support they can with limited resources. The advice here is to automate LiveChat in a way that allows a non-technical person to use it without any friction.

That’s where bots step in, or ChatBot to be precise (created, used and recommended by LiveChat). It’s an extra pair of hands and it never gets tired or annoyed by customers.

ChatBot platform (one of LiveChat’s products) delivers advanced technology packed in an intuitive, code-free interface that allows building powerful AI bots to anyone. Plain text can be varied with cards, images, carousels, quick replies and multiple actions that help users navigate throughout a bot’s scenario, and collect user data.

ChatBot is designed the way that non-technological person can use it. For companies that don’t have resources to work on advanced technology, it’s a great solution to set up a chatbot within a few minutes. Don’t be scared, try it, reach out to our support if you have questions. Bots don’t bite, they unburden you.

Here’s a quick story from Brian Vail, Support Agent at ProctorU:

ProctorU implemented ChatBot and witnessed immediate relief within our support operation. Currently, our bot provides instantaneous support to 60% of all chatting customers and has reduced our queued visitors by over 50%. The benefits seen with ChatBot allowed support leaders to decrease agent chat limits, and increase quality standards for our support team.

Only you know when is your busiest time

Same as in 2017, the end of the year was the busiest time for Customer Service Agents around the world. On average, in October, November, and December, agents from all companies operated 21.9 million chats monthly.

Tracey Wallace BigCommerce

According to Tracey Wallace, Editor in Chief at BigCommerce and Founder of Doris Sleep:

Online shoppers begin looking for holiday deals in late September, early October. And by October, brands are already sending out their pre-Black Friday emails and alerts. That’s when consumers begin to reach out to brands – on social media, in chats, in emails, however, they can – to understand the differences in product, prices and deals. Keep in mind, consumers have so much choice. Customer service via chat and other channels is a big differentiator for brands. Consumers wants to be heard, listened to and helped ASAP.

There’s one new thing we noticed though. The chart jumps up in summer months too, from June to August, with 21.2 million chats on average per month.
Until now, summer months were treated as “quiet months” with fewer chats. Summer is heating up and a big part in this takes the Education industry. It’s probably related to the end and the beginning of school year and college applications.

Find out if your industry also has different months of peaking, not the ones we tell you.

Go to your Reports section and see how they distribute throughout the year. Maybe you face more chats in the first months of the year, like the Travel industry (it’s probably because a serious vacation planning starts around March).

Check this out and adjust your support to the busiest months and those without much chats.

Learn from tech – they have the happiest customers

Tech companies are ahead of the pack third year in a row when it comes to customer happiness. You may want to take a closer look at their practices and implement them in your business.

It seems like tech companies mastered the art of keeping everything in one place and having required information on hand. No wonder, as they have developers handling such things in a flash. But don’t worry, the same as with ChatBot, many solutions are built for people without specialized IT knowledge, and they’re very intuitive.

You have a lot to choose from. LiveChat offers over 140 apps and integrations that will help you centralize customer’s info, manage your sales directly from a chat window and many more.

Here’s a comment from Filip Jaskolski, Head of Developers Program at LiveChat:

Filip Jaskolski Head of Developers
Today, it’s completely natural for the workplace to be a mesh of multiple tools. In the last year, the number of app installations grew four times! Over 25% of LiveChat customers installed one or more apps from the Marketplace. The industries installing the most apps are Retail, IT and Software.

Let’s summarize! Things to remember:

  • Check the busiest months in your business and adjust your support. Both to the busy months and those with fewer chats, when you can focus on improving your service and implementing AI.
  • Medium size companies – invest in AI! This way you can focus on developing your product and scale your business, while still providing good service. Try ChatBot, and setup your bot within a few minutes (don’t say we never gave you anything).
  • Don’t compare to others in your industry. Compare to everyone out there who provides great service. Ask yourself questions like “Where can I save customers time? How easy am I to do business with.” They can shed a light on things you can improve.
  • Learn from the best – tech companies have the happiest customers third year in a row. They also use advanced technology and keep customers information in one place. Step by step, imitate their actions. Check out Marketplace and see what apps can you integrate to make your service more efficient.
  • For more information and specific data, I encourage you to take a look inside the report.

    Good luck providing amazing service this year from the whole LiveChat Team! Remember, in case of any questions and doubts – we’re always there to chat!

    Read the whole report here – 2019 Customer Service Report.


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