30 facts about LiveChat you might not have heard about

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The summer and holidays are over, it’s time to get back to work again. The kids went back to school, so maybe it’s a good idea for you to learn something new as well?

Did you know that on a monthly basis LiveChat tracks the online activity of over 63 million buyers? More than the population of France!

I prepared a short list of cool facts about LiveChat – some will tell you about features of our product, the others will show some interesting statistics. You might have known about some of them, but did you know them all?

30 tweetable facts about LiveChat

1. Companies from over 50 countries use LiveChat, but over 80% of them are US-based [tweet!]

2. You can put LiveChat on as many pages you like and each one can have its own design [tweet!] [read more]

3. Customization of LiveChat by an average user takes between 1 and 5 minutes [tweet!]

4. Automatic chat invitations in LiveChat can be triggered by a referrer, keyword and more [tweet!] [read more]

5. When customers log in to LiveChat with Facebook, operators see their pictures and FB profiles [tweet!] [read more]

6. Twitter and Facebook buttons in LiveChat window will get you extra social media visibility [tweet!] [read more]

7. An operator can be logged in to LiveChat on a PC, laptop and mobiles at the same time [tweet!] [read more]

8. Managers use LiveChat to supervise the ongoing chats and increase customer service quality [tweet!] [read more]

9. Users of @Freshbooks issue their invoices directly in LiveChat window [tweet!] [read more]

10. There are 3 default levels of access in LiveChat – operator, manager and administrator [tweet!]

11. Integration with @Zendesk allows to create tickets directly from LiveChat window [tweet!] [read more]

12. With apps for iPhone, Android and WP7, LiveChat covers 95% of the market [tweet!] [read more]

13. Operators in LiveChat see the sentence typed in by a customer before it is even sent [tweet!] [read more]

14. Triggers will invite to LiveChat all the people who clicked through your last newsletter [tweet!] [read more]

15. To instantly contact some businesses use link to LiveChat in their email signatures [tweet!] [read more]

16. For all of you who don’t want any extra software installed we have a web-based LiveChat app [tweet!] [read more]

17. Help! Ayuda! Hilfe! помогите! – No worries! LiveChat is available in over 20 languages [tweet!] [read more]

18. Popular CRMs among LiveChat users include @Salesforce @SugarCRM. What’s your CRM? [tweet!] [read more]

19. For remote desktop LiveChat offers integrations with @LogMeInRescue and @JoinMe [tweet!] [read more]

20. Popular CMS platforms like Joomla, Drupal and WordPress have their own LiveChat plugins [tweet!] [read more]

21. All chats with customers in LiveChat are secured with a 256-bit SSL connection [tweet!]

22. Cross-browser tests are a must. So we tested LiveChat even against Kindle and iPhone [tweet!]

23. Even though Steve Jobs has resigned, LiveChat for #Mac can be a reason for switching to OSX [tweet!] [read more]

24. The best LiveChat operators reply within 3 secs with tag-based canned responses [tweet!]

25. Even though LiveChat offers a lot of reports, Google Analytics is our 2nd most popular plugin [tweet!] [read more]

26. Some LiveChat operators are able to efficiently handle even 7 concurrent chat sessions! [tweet!]

27. Employees hate filling out the fields in the CRM apps. LiveChat does that for them [tweet!]

28. When you chat using the mobile device, a little mobile icon will show up in LiveChat window [tweet!]

29. Google +1 has started not so long ago- now LiveChat helps you gather more and more +1’s [tweet!]

30. All LiveChat plans are fully functional- they differ only by number of seats, not by features [tweet!] [read more]

New to LiveChat? Here’s a bonus fact for you:

Signing up with this link will get you 2 months of free LiveChat service. Grab it! [tweet!]


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