AI Chatbot Trends to Expect in 2018

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In recent times, there has been a noticeable shift from the conventional mobile app development to AI chatbots. Bot creation is considered to take a center stage by the year 2021 and these changes will start picking up in 2018 henceforth.

Artificial intelligence is not meant for just a few big companies. The companies involved in mobile app development are now helping both small and medium-sized organizations to excel by embracing these new technologies supported by Artificial Intelligence. Such technologies as Intelligent Chatbots are now becoming a number one choice for many businesses out there.

AI chatbots

By definition, chatbots are basically computer-generated programs with the capability to converse with the user through messages. In today’s world, many people are talking to each other via text messages such as customer care, Facebook messenger and generally on social media. Chatbots have become a lot popular because they are easily accessible and fast to use.

Additionally, chatbots can easily be embedded into your website to help you interact with your clients directly via messages. For instance, ChatBot, a chatbot factory by LiveChat, helps you to build your first bot answering questions from customers on your website within 10 minutes of signing up.

From the look of things, chatbots are believed to change and redefine how organizations are conducting their business more particularly in their approach towards customer service. These changes have started to take shape in recent times and chatbots are expected to evolve even further in 2018. Various changes are slowly taking place and looking at how far this technology has come, there will be much more to expect in the near future.

Here are all the possibilities to be expected through this conversational platform that is taking the industry by storm.

Voice Bots

So far, there have already been successful voice bot projects but are expected to become much more popular and even more efficient beginning 2018 onwards.

Experts in the industry estimate that there will be increased conversation-based interactions in 2018 than has ever been in the past. In recent times, there have been quite a number of brands like Apple, Google and Amazon that are offering voice assistant bots to customers. This effort has been able to identify customer problems and find solutions on how to solve them amicably.

Also, there have been partnerships in the industry that has led to many more brands embracing voice assistant bots.

Crypto-tokens and blockchains for messengers

Before 2018, there have been increased influx of cryptocurrencies where Etherum and Bitcoin are taking the lead. These stories have flooded the news lately with Bitcoin having passed the 18k dollars landmark. Blockchain is quickly changing the landscape in technology. Some of the players in the chatbot circles have already begun toying around with this emerging technology.

For instance, Kik started their crypto-token launched as “KIP” that accumulated 100M$ to facilitate the building of virtual economy within its messaging framework.

Sensay, also another chatbot company is also investing a lot on the blockchain. The Sensay company launched the Sense Token to offer its human network of advisors an incentive to utilize the bot and keep providing advice on matters that range from relationships, which are considered most popular to where memes can be found. Looking at the blockchain’s continuous growth, 2018 is likely going to have many chatbot organizations take advantage of these cryptocurrencies to bolster their proposition of value.

Enhanced conversations

Chatbots are expected to become more humane than ever before. They are the most advertised interface of conversation and are expected to become popular by the day especially among organizations and individual customers in 2018. Humans are very social and they will always be looking for a personalized touch and experience in their engagements.

Additionally, they want to get a quick response as opposed to waiting for automated answers that don’t help them with what they want or get them the experience they are looking for. The end result is quality customer service experience which is much-needed for success in today’s markets. Ideally, chatbots have a lot of potential in various verticals including in sales, marketing, engagement and customer retention.

Improved customer insights

Chatbots are proving to be reliable in the effort of gaining customer insights. They will diversely be used to collect customer insights hence enhancing the marketing levels and interaction with consumers. The storage of information is expected to be easier and faster. Each of these conversations can be contained and kept for further assessment. Looking at this aspect, AI chatbots will be better equipped in providing answers to questions that may arise in future. Most importantly, they will help you to have a good understanding of your clients.

Basically, chatbots are largely used to analyze the different questions normally asked by the customer to get you prepared for what would come up in the future. Additionally, an experienced marketing team is aware that following the collection of analytics, they will be required to act on them and this requires a continuation of the constant improvement process.

More advanced AI chatbots will be expected to start automating this process and with time, improve themselves using the learning attained from past conversations and increase their capability to answer more questions. Today, organizations can get business leads from LiveChat and this is among other things that will soon be evident on these platforms. Possibilities of optimizing chatbots are showing up each day to respond to replies and soon, this will be realized.

Website AI chatbots

In 2018, more and more companies will have chatbots perfectly embedded in their websites. It is considered as an excellent interacting source and particularly one for engaging people. More than that, it supports more control over organizations’ sales activities, marketing and user experience approach.

Developments in conversational interface

In the years before, there have been interesting developments of interfaces used for communication and a lot more is expected. Some of the many conversational interfaces have been greatly used in sales and marketing.

Companies that implemented the conversational platforms for purposes of marketing were in a position to get rid of the customer forms conventionally used for conversations. Other adopters are expected anytime soon as these emerging chatbot trends continue to provide proof of how much these platforms are valuable for application.

Availing data analytics to all

The managing of big data has been of major concern in recent years and many hope that chatbots will provide a solution. Big data has a huge potential especially of analyzing data and offering useful information to companies. With the use of AI chatbots, the availability of big data will also be expected to thoroughly revolutionize the manner in which businesses interact with their clients since each conversation will be assessed to spur business growth and enhanced customer engagement capabilities.

For some time now, AI chatbots have been trending and 2018 is expected to be a great year for them. The developments are expected to take place with time although they may not all happen the same time. It is a process that has already started and is expected to continue to get into new phases of growth and maturity in the future.


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