Jacob Firuta

Jacob Firuta

For the past 5 years, I've been working as a Content Manager for LiveChat. During this time, I had a lot of chances to both grow and share my knowledge of customer service, ecommerce and online marketing. I've written over 100 blog articles (you can check them out by scrolling down) and 140 help center articles. I've had the pleasure of preparing over 30 case studies with our customers. I'm also responsible for a big chunk of the copy you can find on the LiveChat website.

Working for LiveChat has given me the chance to work with a huge amount of customer data. Using this data, I've prepared several reports and ebooks that show how customer service works in different industries. You can check out the latest one in our Resources section.

My reports have been featured in:

You can also find my work on company blogs like:

When not writing, I spend my free time on reading books, running long distances (I've completed 5 half-marathons, I'm training for a marathon now), watching movies, playing games. I'm very competitive and always enjoy a good challenge. I'm a spitfire that gets pulled into arguments easily but I always have a good laugh about it later on.

Get in touch with me

If you want to check what I'm currently working on, you can follow me on Twitter at @JFiruta for my latest articles, ebooks and reports. If you want to get in touch, feel free to drop me a line at j.firuta@livechatinc.com

I'm also huge on sharing knowledge on Quora. I write answers daily on topics like, ecommerce, customer service, marketing and SaaS. Feel free to follow me at Jacob Firuta for some neat tips, knowledge and stories.


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