Szymon Klimczak

Szymon Klimczak

For over 10 years, I've been growing LiveChat from 0 to over 23,000 customers as a Chief Marketing Officer. Before joining the company in 2006, I worked in the domain/hosting industry. Since then, my main focus has always been placing LiveChat in front of its potential users relying on zero-budget marketing tools and techniques.

I've been with the company almost from the very beginning what allowed me to do every non-technical job in the company. I also had a chance to go through every stage of running a SaaS business, including the VC investment, reaching the break-even point, conducting the unusual MBO process and floating the company on the stock market. I hold a master’s degree in international economic relations.

I used to write on LiveChat blog although I've never been better at it than our current writers: Justyna, Jacob or Olga. I have published reports on customer service and ebooks on customer service best practices. I've also contributed to publications and interviews at:

In my free time, I follow the NBA and play in the Fantasy NBA leagues with my friends. My mind gets relaxed when I make my body tired by running, cycling, playing football and basketball. I am and have always been a competitor.

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Follow me on Twitter at @SKlimczak for all news on LiveChat and some knowledge on SaaS metrics, growth hacking techniques and SEO tips.

From time to time I am also contributing to Quora, covering topics of Software as a Service, customer service and customer acquisition - you're welcome to follow my Quora profile as well.


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