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If you want to become a LiveChat partner, please check out the new version of our Affiliate Program.

In recent weeks, I’ve been receiving more and more enquiries regarding partnership opportunities. People who contact me are usually interested in very diverse forms of cooperation: starting at simple affiliate programs, through integrations and adding our software to different product portfolios, ending at private label reseller service.

Let’s say you filled the contact form on our website and want to become a partner. How do I decide about pursuing any of the options mentioned above?

  • Firstly, I will need you to describe the business opportunity you see. I would like to know what made you contact us, why do you think that partnership will work and how big is the group of potential customers, who are interested in adding LiveChat to their websites.
  • Secondly, I want you to be honest. Be honest with us and honest with yourself. Please take into consideration, that contacting us about partnership is just the first step. If you want it to be successful, it will require time and involvement on our and your end. Make sure you are ready to commit.
  • Thirdly, show me you are reliable. If you did not fill the contact form properly, there’s a pretty big chance that no one will ever contact you. When you receive the answer from us, adding the background information about your product/business will be additional plus.

At this moment I see 2 main models of cooperation we work in:

  1. AFFILIATE PROGRAM – affiliate receives from us a link with special PartnerID and uses it to drive traffic to our website. If any deals from that traffic happen, we pay affiliate commission on each order.
  2. PARTNERSHIP – partner purchases from us a larger number of LiveChat licenses (let’s say 50-100 at once). Later partner offers live chat software to own customers (usually as a part of own offer). In this scenario, partner pays up front for all the licenses, but is also granted a discounted price.

Two options above are something I like the most, as they are the most efficient partnership models we have worked it. We already tried them out with several partners and know they work just fine. However, if you have an idea for different kind of cooperation, please visit our Partners page, I’ll be happy to talk.

BTW: Thank you for showing us how you like and appreciate the work we’ve been doing @LiveChat. That reminds us of who is this product for and mobilizes us to work even harder.


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