Beetil & LiveChat make service management easy

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Folks from YouDo Ltd. made us a really nice surprise and came up with Beetil-LiveChat integration. Now the IT companies can utilize LiveChat’s potential even more by turning its chat transcripts into service tickets.

What is Beetil?

Beetil (link no longer available) is web-based service management tool based on the widely accepted ITIL framework that helps run a tight service desk. Let’s allow Dan Lee, the founder of Beetil to say more about the service he works on:

How does the integration work?

Imagine you chat about an issue that requires an escalation to another tier of support or to an employee, who isn’t available at the moment. Instead of transferring the chat, you’d want to create a ticket with the description of the issue so that it can be solved later. Attaching the chat transcript to the ticket as a part of the description would also be nice, right?

Beetil - LiveChat integration

Now – that’s where Beetil comes in handy! There are two ways you can use the Beetil-LiveChat integration:

  • browse through chats and paste one into an existing incident
  • create a new incident from a chat
Simple, yet very useful.

Pasting a chat into a new incident in Beetil - LiveChat integration

How to start?

More details about the Beetil-LiveChat integration and its setup can be found on Beetil’s blog (link no longer available).

And if you are looking for a tool that will improve your service management, we encourage you to sign up for free Beetil trial (link no longer available) and take it for a 14-days test drive.


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