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Note: We’ve stopped accepting guest posts, as we focus on launching our new content platform at the beginning of March.

Write for us!

If you have exceptional writing skills and would like to share your expertise in customer service or eCommerce, we’d love to hear from you and feature your post on our blog! Make sure you focus on text communication (e.g. live chatting) between businesses and their customers.

Please note that we no longer accept posts that don’t cover one topic in depth. Unless your post provides unique findings, we won’t accept “7 secrets of” or “top 10 tips to.” Also, please note that we don’t publish all posts we receive.

Apart from that, here’s what we’re looking for:

  • we’re looking for original, insightful topics that refer to online communication and online selling,
  • send us two or three post ideas with detailed outlines,
  • your post has to address a problem and offer a solution (provide knowledge, like “how to”, “best practices” kind of posts),
  • add real-life examples or use cases (required),
  • make sure that your article contains at least 1800 words,
  • the post should include about two links to our posts and links to external resources.
  • add charts, videos or graphics; feel free to go for anything under the CC license (graphics should be 1400px wide),
  • we appreciate casual, easy-to-read writing (Hemingway app might not be perfect, but we like it),
  • make sure to write an introduction with a clear thesis and solid conclusion; thesis should be supported by reliable sources,
  • don’t capitalize the titles,
  • don’t call the conclusion a “Conclusion,” “Final remarks,” “Wrapping up” or “Takeaway.”

How to submit your post?

Use the form below to send us your ideas. We will get back to you as soon as possible, however, sometimes it may take a couple of days.

When we agree on the topic, we will ask you to write the draft in Google Docs (remember to give us the commenting option) and send us a link. If we decide to publish your post, we’d also need from you a brief description of your post, your picture and a short bio.



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