Customer relations 2.0

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There are two words in English that might be the most important ones regarding not only customer relations, customer service, but also sales and marketing.

Responsiveness: The ability to engage your consumers, measured in the length of time that elapses between consumer question or comment and your response.

Response: The nature and quality of that response.

We all know the autoresponses that are so common today. They may sound like this: Your comment/question is important to us. We will get back to you in the order your comment was received…

Now try to put yourself in your customer’s position and think how big a difference such a reaction would make to you: Hello and welcome to (your company name). Thank you so much for taking the time to contribute. My name is Anna and I’m your operator. Is there anything I could help you with?

More and more companies today provide what we might call a “human response”, sending customer a message: We heard you.

And that simple message makes a HUGE difference.


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