Measure Your Live Chat Metrics With Data Dashboard

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Measuring chat metrics with LiveChat data dashboard

Companies are falling in love with data. Everyone seems to be interested in both tracking and visualizing all kinds of information. What’s more, companies don’t just want to look at spreadsheets filled with numbers but they want to see them in a beautiful way.

Painting with data

There are a lot of ready-made data dashboard solutions out there and all of them can turn your spreadsheets into colorful and insightful sources of information. However, can they help you and your company? Which factors should affect your decision making when selecting one for your business?

Data dashboard is your go to solution for data visualization. You don’t have to spend hours fighting with your spreadsheets just to get information about ongoing trends in your business. Whether it is the conversion rate of your shopping cart, the amount of daily site visits you get or projected income for the current month, a data dashboard will have you covered.

Using this type of tool, you get to see all the interesting bits of data trends without having to crunch the numbers yourself. You get a clear picture of the state of your business, and in real-time too! Check out this cool presentation from Ducksboard – it should give your a pretty good idea how business a data dashboard works and looks.

As you can see, you get the latest scoop about your company at a glance. You can use your own spreadsheet data or hook up the services you are using to the data dashboard. Additionally, you can see if particular performance targets are met or not with one quick look. Services like Leftronic or Geckoboard allow you to display your KPIs (key performance indicators) to see which of your business goals have been met.

Dasboard from Geckoboard with KPI indicators

It’s also amazing how many types of information you can keep track of:

  1. Sales teams can check out the latest information about current conversion rates, revenues, orders and customers.
  2. Server administrators can see the status of their server infrastructure and spot any problems early on.
  3. Customer service teams are aware of the number of support cases they have open or how many chats are currently handled by the team.

The possibilities are endless. All it takes is a bit of setup and you can have all the information you need on your screen, mobile device or TV.

Creating our own data dashboard

LiveChat is no exception to the rule when it comes to the information boom. We needed a simple way to get all our customer service information on one screen.

We couldn’t really find anything that would answer all of our needs. We decided that the best course of action would be to design and implement our own data dashboard. Here’s the result:

LiveChat Dashboard

It provides key information about metrics related to support activities in real-time. We realized that if we want to look at this kind of data, you could also be keen on it. It didn’t take long before we prepared a free, public version.

So here we are, introducing the LiveChat data dashboard for your company. It’s available at Use your LiveChat account login and password to log in. It comes completely free.

What you can track

Keep track of the following real-time data using the LiveChat’s data dashboard:

  • The number of visitors who are on your site,
  • How many chats you currently have,
  • How many visitors are waiting in the queue,
  • The number of agents who are logged in and those who are chatting,
  • How many tickets you have to attend and assign.

You can also check out how the last 7 days of your chats and your tickets looked like:

  • The number of chats you had,
  • The number of visitors who entered your queue,
  • How many business goals were achieved,
  • Your customer satisfaction,
  • How many tickets you received,
  • Average ticket first response time,
  • How long it takes to receive an answer via ticket,
  • The number of solved ticket cases.

You can get a good idea about the state of your customer service by using this data. Put it on your wall and start tracking!

LiveChat data dashboard on a wall

Photo courtesy of Randy von Liski via Creative Commons


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