Bring Your Live Chat A-Game With Embedded Chat Window

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LiveChat comes with an update this week and this one is huge! We completely reworked our chat window. Ladies and Gentlemen, we present LiveChat’s embedded chat window.

The new chat window takes all the functions of its predecessor and brings new improvements in terms of easy navigation and wider reach. The best part about it? It is persistent, your visitors will no longer have to keep your website and the chat window open in separate browser tabs.

Embedded Chat Window

Every time your visitor switches to another page, the chat window will follow, enabling for a number of benefits:

  • An embedded chat window increases the number of chats considerably. Your visitors will find it always at their cursors’ length. According to our statistics, they are more likely to start a chat with this kind of window in place.
  • Higher Invitation to chat conversion. We noticed about 40% rise in the number of chats on sites with enabled embedded chat window (and in several cases – this number went up to insane 300%!)
  • A lot of synergy with our Push Pages functionality. Now you can push a link to your customer and open the new page without the need to switch between browser tabs. Thanks to this, pointing your visitors in the right direction is considerably easier.

Embedded chat window offers also:

  • Functions like our Visitor Satisfaction system and Social Media Integrations.
  • Greater degree of customization with the use of custom CSS.
  • Easier and shorter implementation process. Only one installation code is required now, allowing for seamless integration with our solution.

Embedded Chat Window When we designed our embedded chat window we didn’t forget about the rising number of customers who browse pages on their mobile devices. With embedded chat window on your site, they can communicate in an easy and comfortable way, that is sure to go appreciated.

Don’t take our words for granted, go to our site, see how easy it is to navigate and talk with our representatives at the same time and feel the difference! You can see an example implementation of the chat window on our page.

Be one of the first to try out the embeded chat window – easily activate it in your control panel.


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