Getting Detailed Customer Information

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Jacob Firuta customer success manager

Having access to the right kind of customer information is crucial to answering their questions.

See how you can provide your agents with the data they need directly in the LiveChat web and Windows applications.

Useful customer information at your disposal

You usually need some kind of identification, or information from your customer when answering a chat. Agents tend to ask for email, login, ID number and so on. You can make your life easier by automatically getting the customer information from your database and displaying in LiveChat web and Windows apps.

Our agents often found themselves asking customers the same question: “What is your license number?” Pinpointing a problem is almost impossible without that number. We figured out that we should include it in the app if it’s so crucial to answering inquiries.

Here’s how the additional customer information looks like:

LiveChat application webhooks

We try to find the email provided through the pre-chat survey in our database every time a customer enters our chat. If there’s a match, we provide a bunch of additional customer information that helps our agents resolve cases quickly.

It’s possible thanks to LiveChat webhooks technology. It allows you to display additional customer information in LiveChat apps when a chat starts. You can use webhooks to pass all kinds of data: a link to your customer’s profile, their order details, personal information and more. Eliminate all the mundane and repetitive task you go through when answering each chat.

Check out our Developer portal for more information on the use and implementation of webhooks. And if you have any questions, our support is always ready to help. Just start a chat!

What kind of data do you need for you chats? Make sure to let us know what kind of webhooks you have created for your chat.


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