LiveChat now supports Single Sign-On with AD

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Due to development changes in our product we decided to let go of this particular feature. Material below does not reflect the current state of LiveChat.

MS Active Directory

Are you and your operators fed up with requirement of remembering endless combinations of logins and passwords?

We’ve brought you the solution to this problem by adding new feature to LiveChat – Single Sign-On with Microsoft Active Directory support. You’ll never complain about inconvenient logging in process again!

Integration with Microsoft Active Directory makes your operator's work easier

What gives you Active Directory integration?

  • Normally when operators log in to LiveChat, the application asks them for authentication credentials.
  • If Single Sign-On is enabled, authentication is peformed against your Active Directory, so logging in process is performed totally automatically. The moment operators log in to the Windows domain, they will gain access to all services and applications including LiveChat.

If you want to integrate LiveChat with the rest of the services in your domain, go to the Control Panel and enable Single Sign-On authentication for your operators.

You will find more details on enabling the Active Directory integration in our forum thread.


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