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Due to the rising number of Blackberry OS versions present on the market, developing and maintaining a stable application has become impossible. Therefore, we decided to stop supporting the Blackberry app. This is a very hard decision for us since we would like to provide a solution for all mobile users, however, we also do not want to provide an unstable app.

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The long-awaited customer engagement app for BlackBerry has been released – we’re happy to introduce LiveChat for BlackBerry. With LiveChat applications available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7 and now BlackBerry, your website visitors are now truly in your reach- anytime, anywhere!

What’s in the release?

Even though it is only a public beta version, it already runs in background and supports most of the features that other LiveChat mobile applications support.

This includes the ability of handling multiple chat sessions at once, operator-to-operator chats and even our famous customer-message sneak peek. You can keep track of the features changelog on the BlackBerry-dedicated section of LiveChat forum.

The LiveChat app for BlackBerry runs over BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS-B), WiFi and TCP Cellular. While working on the app design with guys from Mobile Factory, we aimed on achieving as BlackBerry-ish look&feel as possible and now we hope you will enjoy it!

How can I get the app?

To download LiveChat for BlackBerry, please navigate with your BlackBerry to our Over The Air installer.

— Update (June 10th, 2011) —

LiveChat app for BlackBerry has just been added to BlackBerry App World, what means you can get the app directly off your BlackBerry device. Just search for ‘LiveChat’ to find it. The reviews are also welcome ;)


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