LiveChat callback – use Skype to talk with website visitors

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We made a decision to no longer support Skype integration and focus on the core function of LiveChat – chatting. This way we can put more efforts into the most important aspect of our solution and thus offer a better service.


Our Add-ons & Extras list has been broaden with another popular service. With over 500 mln accounts and 13% share of international call market, Skype has established its position as a popular provider of voice & video calls. Thanks to Skype integration this potential can be utilized in LiveChat as you will now be capable of providing the support with text and with voice additionally!

What is callback?

Callback is a technology where a person browsing the website makes a contact request by filling the form and leaving his/her telephone number (or Skype name). Operator is notified about the callback request just as he is notified about the incoming chat.

Skype integration can be used to call the website visitors back on their phone number or Skype name they provided.

Callback form

How to add a callback feature to your LiveChat license?

Simply follow our short tutorial to activate the LiveChat integration with Skype. Please also make sure you have installed the most recent version of LiveChat application.


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