LiveChat for Mac Reached Stable 1.0 Version

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After two months of development, squashing bugs, polishing features and emptying the to-do list the time has come to release stable version 1.0. I know it is not perfect, but it is just a beginning, a 13 thousands source code lines beginning.

Moreover, Mac version sets solid foundation for iPhone/iOS version. Both will share the same codebase, and hopefully same user experience.

Looking to the future there are already couple of things planned for next 1.1 release, things that you have requested but could not fit into time schedule for 1.0:
LiveChat for Mac beta

  • Growl support
  • more advanced notifications configuration
  • more gentle reconnect handling
  • canned responses
  • more detailed About box, with license information
  • supervised chats
  • banning naughty clients for some time
  • feeding chat history into chat log window
  • adding selected contact to system Address Book
  • editing contact list & searching for contacts
  • inspector mode for information pane

Now I am about to fully engage my mental powers to develop upcoming LiveChat for iPhone/iOS. Keep following us on Twitter, and keep bugging the support if you find any bug inside just released Mac version.


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