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Update of LiveChat application to version has been released today. This app contains a set of the new features introduced since the previous release (version

  • Tag-based canned responsesTag-based canned responses
    Operator gains quick access to canned responses thanks to tags associated with them. Just type ‘#’ and first letters of a tag (i.e. #prices) in the chat window and then select a proper message that will be instantly placed in the chat window.

  • Autoinvite button replaced by Triggers
    From now on, chat invitation rules are defined in the Control Panel (Settings->Triggers). Operators don’t have to remember to turn the autoinvitation button on and off or set invitation rules in every application individually. The information about Trigger that displayed invitation is presented on the Online visitors tab and in the chat window. Learn more about using and setting up Triggers.

  • “Latest news” bar
    Latest news barNotifies operators about updates on LiveChat blog – displays title of the last entry on our blog.

  • “Work scheduler” bar
    Past working hours, LiveChat operators will no longer be switched to Invisible status. Instead of that, the chat button is displayed as offline and redirects visitors to the offline message form. The operator is informed about that by the work scheduler bar and the popup notification.

  • Inactivity status selection
    Inactivity status selection The operator can choose the status that the application will switch to after defined period of user’s inactivity.

  • Removing conference member
    New privilege allows operator to remove a member from the conference.

  • Expiring license reminder
    Option of turning on/off the reminder about expiring license in the Preferences window.

  • Settings of Enter button Ctrl+Enter
    Creates a new line in the chat window, if autoenter is enabled.

If you have any comments or questions regarding the update, please feel free to let us know in the comments of this post. As always we are also waiting to hear your ideas for new features.


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