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Integration deprecated

Due to development changes in our product, the dedicated Zoho CRM integration is no longer supported. Instead, you can use the Zapier-based Zoho CRM and LiveChat integration.

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One of LiveChat top priorities for the beginning of 2011 is to make our product the best sales support tool available on the market. An important milestone for that is making LiveChat better integrated with leading online CRM solutions. Recently, with release of LiveChat–Zoho CRM integration we’ve made next step toward this goal.

LiveChat-Zoho CRM integration makes it really easy for your sales team to keep track of customer relationships. With just a few clicks you get access to all of your customer records and history stored in Zoho.

Zoho CRM integration button in Mac app

It’s also worth mentioning that with release of Mac app version 1.1, LiveChat integrations work both on PC and Mac.

Integration features

  • add a note to the existing contact. By default we search for contacts using pre-chat survey data
  • search for desired contact if default results were not satisfying
  • add a new contact using pre-chat survey data
  • add a new lead with chat transcript as a note

Sample live chat transcript saved into Zoho CRM:

LiveChat conversation transcript in Zoho CRM

Check out more about this topic in LiveChat-Zoho CRM integration tutorial and our support forums.


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