LiveChat Shopify integration

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LiveChat and Shopify integrationLiveChat has been successfully integrated with a well-known – an e-commerce solution for maintaining your own online store.

You can now easily install Shopify LiveChat app in few simple clicks. To learn more how to do this, just follow our installation guide or add LiveChat app at Shopify app store. You don’t need to own a LiveChat license already – the installer will do it for you. In 5 minutes you will see the LiveChat button on your website. You will be also able to invite website visitors to chat.

We hope that this another integration will make the LiveChat even more accessible and easy to use.

By the way, the Shopify API is very well-prepared and really easy-to-use. Thank you very much, Shopify developers!

To learn more about the LiveChat application in your Shopify store, visit the LiveChat App for Shopify application page.


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