LiveChat skyrockets to the cloud

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Mariusz Cieply - CEO, LIVECHAT Software

As of February 2011 we will no longer provide the enterprise edition of LiveChat to new customers. After hours of discussions and consultancy we have finally decided to no longer offer it. The reason we do this is very simple – with the enterprise edition, where LiveChat is deployed in the customer’s data center we cannot control the quality of the service.

Each day we work hard to add new things to LiveChat. We love implementing cool new features or integrating it with great software from the other SaaS vendors. That’s why we speed the things up and each week announce new improvements. With the enterprise edition however we found it very difficult to deliver the up-to-date product to our customers who host it by themselves. The process was too complicated and was not scalable enough in comparison to the subscription based model where we deliver brand new features to our customers right away.

LiveChat has gone from simple live chat software to a complete customer engagement platform, supporting advanced pro-active chat invitations, one-to-many skilled communication scenarios, integrated with the top quality 3rd-party applications. Once we focus on LiveChat in the cloud instead of enterprise edition we will let our customers experience even more new & exciting additions very soon.

Please note that all current enterprise customers will be supported as earlier according to service level agreements.

Stay tuned and in touch with us. We are going to become the best live chat provider in the world!


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