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Over recent month we have been working hard on improving usability and accessibility of your LiveChat statistics. You can see the results in your Control Panel.

We decided to improve the charts so that they can be opened also on mobile devices. Thus, we went from Flash-based statistics to JavaScript-based ones. They should be now more clear and easier to analyse.

Let’s go through the list of currently available charts to know what kind of information you can pick out.

Chats and invitations

Chat invitations report

This chart will show you the amount of chat invitations you have sent to your website visitors and amount of chats. You can group the results by hour (in case you select particular date in datepicker), day, month and year.


Ecommerce funnel in LiveChat

A very hot topic on live chat solutions market. E-commerce chart shows you the essence of live chat business — the conversion rate of chat invitations leading to chat and, finally, to a landing page. In general, the chart tells you how effective your LiveChat is. Read more about e-commerce report in our recent post: Refreshed reporting, chats to goals conversion, and more.


Performance stats in LiveChat

Have you ever been interested in your live chat support team effectiveness? Check what is their average chatting time and how fast they respond to visitors’ questions. All presented in clear and precise form.


Queue reports in LiveChat

Queuing visitors is a feature commonly used by some of our customers. When your support team is limited you should consider turning on the visitors queue. It will make your visitors wait for their turn instead of seeing “Operators are not available now” contact form. Queue statistics will tell you if this functionality works correctly and will alert you about any concerns.


Availability report in LiveChat

Operators’ availability is a very valuable information for you. You can see who was logged in to LiveChat in particular day. Also, you will see the percentage of all statuses he’s been in.

Chat Surveys

Chat surveys report in LiveChat

Chat surveys chart will display the data entered by your customers that fill in the pre- and post-chat surveys. You can always look up the chat transcript linked with particular customer and, knowing his name and e-mail address, contact the right person in case it is needed.

Please tell us if you lack particular information about your LiveChat account. We want to provide you with best possible tools to proove that LiveChat is a must-have solution for your website.


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