Multiple domains support, canned responses and work scheduler

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Last several weeks were pretty intense for the whole LiveChat team. We managed to finish and successfully release several LiveChat integrations with external services, a lot of new projects are still in progress and we also started to be active in fields which have not been previously explored, such as mobile devices. As we proceed with particular tasks, we will also keep sharing the results here on our blog.

At this moment, I am glad to introduce 3 features that a lot of people have been waiting for:

  1. Multiple domains support
    This feature was expected by a lot of our customers, especially those who intend to use LiveChat on multiple websites. Each of their websites can now have own pre-chat/post-chat survey, chat window branding and after-hours form. We added the ability to brand the chat window for each skill as a default feature to all of our plans. We won’t charge you any additional money for it. :)
  2. Canned responses
    Canned Responses in LiveChatSince we know how much usability previous canned messages were lacking, we’ve decided to totally redesign that section of LiveChat. It has been moved to the Control Panel and now it’s the only place where you can edit the responses.

    Once the manager uploads the pre-defined answers to the most frequent questions for particular skills, all the operators within that skill have them available to use in their applications. However, the most important improvement we applied are the tags. All canned responses require marking them with appropriate tags so it’s easier for the operator to use them during the chat session. Just enter proper #tagname in the chat window and list of available responses will show up. Simple, quick and easy to use. And the efficiency of your LiveChat operators will increase dramatically!
  3. Work scheduler
    Work Scheduler in LiveChatAllows to have your live chat button displayed only during exact working hours period. You will find this feature useful if you wish to have your LiveChat open from i.e. 10AM to 6PM. You will just need to define working hours in your LiveChat Control Panel.

    Once you set it up, the operators can be logged into the system during after-hours, but Work scheduler will not allow any chat sessions and chat button on the website will remain in the “Offline” state. Before setting up the Work scheduler, please remember to make sure to check if the proper time zone is selected for your account. You can do it in Control Panel under Users tab.

We do hope these 3 improvements will help you in providing top-notch customer service. As always, we are eager to hear your comments about new features.


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