Quick tip: Remotely change operator’s status

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In the New Version of LiveChat, you can remotely log out agents in the Agents section by selecting an agent and clicking on the Log out link under the agent’s name.

Sometimes you will face the need to remotely change the status of LiveChat operator. There are a few common situations that can happen:

  • An operator leaves his office, but forgets to turn off the computer. He leaves the LiveChat opened and, as a result, the button on your website states “Operators are available”, which is not true.
  • You want to manually select the operators that should be available to your customers right now.

In those (and similar) cases just log in to your LiveChat Control Panel and go to Users section. In the “Status” column you will be able to remotely change operator’s status within one click.

Changing agent status in LiveChat

The operator will be notified that his status has been changed remotely:

Changed agent status in LiveChat


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