Reach your customers with Facebook Connect

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ROI Boy with Facebook The world today is socialized – everyone participates in social networks. It became an essential part of our daily life. We grow our network of friends by building authentic relationships. We communicate with others and talk not only about what we do in spare time but mostly we exchange passions, interests and talk about our favorite brands.

Facebook with 750+ million users should definitely be on your scope if you want to reach out to potential consumers in a more personalized and influential way.

After our recent Facebook integration letting you get more likes on your fanpage, we went even further. With LiveChat and Facebook Connect you can engage your customers very personally, while having much more details about their profile, activities and interests. You will know the real name, see the picture, e-mail of each website visitor along with any information available in the visitor’s Facebook profile.

Imagine how effective your sales force can be while talking to a customer having all this information available in front of them at their desks!

Facebook and LiveChat integration

We believe that offering tailored services is a key to success in building strong identity awareness around your brand. Thanks to Facebook Connect you will make your customers happy. They will reciprocate with personal recommendations and word of mouth is always the strongest kind of endorsement.

Start using Facebook Connect with LiveChat today and start building true relationships with your customers.


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