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We have introduced one of the most exciting feature in our product ever. It is an E-commerce report available in your Control Panel from this week.

Measuring “chat to goal” conversion with LiveChat

If you have ever wondered how effective your LiveChat solution is, you have been just given a perfect tool that will answer your question. You can now measure how many of your customers accept your chat invitation, proceed to chat and, finally, make a successfull purchase. It’s definitely a very valuable report for all of you.

To configure the report, you must first set up the landing page in your Control Panel. Just tell LiveChat what is the page address displayed to your customers after an action you want to measure, such as a purchase in your store.

Adding a new goal

And… that’s all! You can now look at the funnel that displays the conversion rate of your chat invitatons leading to a successful goal:

Ecommerce funnel in LiveChat

Please use this feature very heavily as it is the best way to analyse how effectively your sales team works with the customers using LiveChat. Don’t wait, just start today visiting Goals section in your Control Panel and measuring the fantastic E-commerce report.


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