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People in the internet are vulnerable to different kinds of attacks- viruses, adware, trojan horses, etc. Some of them are less, others are more dangerous. Among all of them, one of the worst things that can happen to you is identity, money and data theft during internet transactions. The example could be online shopping- sitting at home in warm armchair with a laptop on your knees gives you feeling that you and money in your pocket are safe.

But is that really true? Not having cash in your hand and not standing in line to the register doesn’t make you more secure. To be honest- probably that even makes it all easier for internet thiefs- they just look for people who don’t realize that their money may be ever in danger while surfing the web. How to deal with it?

In my opinion, the first step to maximize your data security is simply acting smart and responsible. While shopping online- use trusted websites. Checking, if the order pages are secured (their address should start with https:// instead of http://) and if they have positive reviews from other users is not that hard. You can also look for proofs of security provided by third parties- most of the good stores care for their customers and provide extra security using services from other companies.

At the moment more and more websites are getting seals confirming their security and top quality services. Since customer’s security is important for us as much as their satisfaction from using our products, we decided to show it our customers. That is the reason for ControlScan’s seal in our chat windows. Also, using their services became a solid foundation for the partnership we just started.


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