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How to Increase Security Using LiveChat

in Business insights, Quick tips by Jacob

If you’re offering an online account option for your customers, you probably had to deal with a situation where someone tries to gain access to another person’s account.
Exploiters use persuasion and social engineering to talk their way into gaining someone’s credentials or using a stolen credit card to make a purchase.
If you’re running an online store, this can be a loyalty account where customers track their orders and the number of their loyalty points.
If you’re a web hosting company, your customers use administrative accounts to manage their website and domains.
In any case, when someone gains access to an account that doesn’t belong to them, it’s bad news for your customers and your business.
You can use some of LiveChat’s built-in features to increase security and to make sure that only legitimate account owners get access to them.

Why Star Wars Is No Longer the Secret Way to Going Viral

in Business insights, Marketing by Justyna

Recently, I am under the impression that wherever I turn, I see Star Wars. Marketers offer us BBQ tongues imitating lightsabers, Jedi burgers and Darth Vader imprinting toasters. We can buy Death Star cookie jars, Millennium Falcon bottle openers and R2D2 engagement rings!
And although I love everything about Star Wars (except for Jar Jar Binks), I feel like I’m tired with all these Star Wars references. In fact, they do not have anything to do with Star Wars itself, it’s more like marketers are desperately trying to go viral.
Don’t get me wrong, I guess all of us were excited seeing first Star Wars influenced ads, but now it’s just too much. Today, when I’m writing this post, I saw Star Wars commercials made by Dodge, Fiat, Chrysler, Jeep and Ram Trucks!
Do such overused pop-culture references really work? It worked for the first time, for the tenth time as well, but does it work for the hundredth time?
In today’s post you’ll learn how to create viral content and why we should rather watch Star Wars in cinemas, not in TV ads.

6 Things You Need to Know About Multi Channel Customer Service

in Business insights, Cust. Service Problems by Jacob

The way companies and customers interact with each other gets more and more interesting each year.
The times when you could contact a company on a single channel only are long gone. Now, a customer contacting a company can pick any channel and expect the same level of service thanks to multi channel customer service.
The growing number of mobile users (more than desktop now!) opens up new avenues for marketeers to reach a wider audience. However, it also leads to new support difficulties for companies.
For example, in the eyes of a typical customer, a company and its support is always available. They can always leave a message, for example by leaving a post on Facebook. And they also expect an answer.
It doesn’t matter that the customer asked the question from a gas station, in the middle of the night while waiting for their car to refuel. If a contact option is available on the website, they will expect an answer.
The typical company’s perspective can be quite different.
The management sees their support channels as several separate entities. Some channels phone are accessible only during the day and offer ‘leave a message’ options during the night. Other channels like email, help desk or social media are used to collect enquiries 24/7 but those enquiries are answered only when the agents are in the office.
From their point of view, customer service is available at different times, on different channels to a different degree.
This difference in perspective can lead to a poor customer experience. The customer, who is now returning home from the gas run, will soon check their Facebook inbox for a return message. The message that won’t come until next morning because the company haven’t assigned anyone to social media channels.
Even if the company offers overnight support using a channel like live chat, it wouldn’t matter because the customer may not know about it or he may prefer to use Facebook.
To avoid that, the company needs to adapt. It needs to reorganize its support to be more like what the customer expects it to be. And it can achieve that by going for the multi channel customer service approach.
Here’s what you need to know about multi channel customer service to make it work it for your company.