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Shorts from the past

Improve communication skills for customer service

in Best practices, Communication by Jacob

You can take your customer service from good to great by learning how to improve your communication skills and speed up your support.
See what 10 methods we use to make our communication more efficient and to help several customers at a time.
With a bit of passion and a good deal of practice, you too can improve your communication skills and get your two hours worth of chats in one hour of work.

What is CQ and why is it essential for successful customer support

in Support Management by Olga

The ability to stay cool when situation becomes challenging requires a great degree of personal control. But, what’s most important in today’s customer service environment is not just how well a frontline rep can handle one particular challenging interaction, but how well he can handle the next one. And the one after that. And don't forget to smile while doing it.
It’s called control quotient, or CQ. In short, it’s the ability to take control over interactions with customers. People with high CQ are naturally better at personal control. In sport, this psychological quality is called a short memory.

Customer loyalty: how to seduce customers

in Cust. Relationship Management by Justyna

Some people think that customer loyalty is a relic of the past. Too many companies offer way too many products to stay loyal to one brand! Only few will choose Toyota because their father used to drive Toyota Pickup in the 80’s. You won’t find a housewife buying the same baking powder because her mother and grandmother used it.
Times have changed.
But does it mean that loyalty sank into the oblivion? Not at all. There is only one thing that has changed: the way customer loyalty can be gained. Because now, besides giving the best possible service and product, you need to give people more reasons to buy from you.
There are two recipes for success. You can either appeal to your customers' reason and offer benefits they won’t resist, or you can speak to their hearts and show the, that you share the same principles. But before you get to that, you need to make sure that your company provides great service.