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Remember the last time you walked into a store and there was no one to help you? What did you think of the store? My guess is, nothing positive. Most of the shop owners and managers nowadays are well aware of that fact. But can the same be said of e-commerce? Do the managers apply the same rules in the online world?

The common thinking is online shops save a lot by automating sales and support services. At the very best, auto responders and automated FAQ list dispensers or 800 support phones are set up, and… you can sit back and check your bank account watching the numbers grow bigger and bigger as you sip your gin&juice. Seems like a perfect world. Well, sorry to disappoint you. It doesn’t work that way.

The truth is, current online service levels would never be accepted offline. Web companies spend huge sums on marketing to attract customers. But they’re in danger of losing them when they fail to provide adequate customer service.

Online shoppers abandon more than two-thirds of their almost completed purchases at the checkout, often because they can’t get a prompt answer to an important question, according to surveys.

Without proper customer support, companies virtually deprive themselves of a large part of their profits.

LIVECHAT software has been developed to fill this gap. Chat is probably the most effective technique that offers the same level of customer support online as shoppers are used to offline. Now, when a customer has a question about that new bike or jacket, she clicks on the LIVECHAT icon and a chat window pops up, with a company staffer on the other side willing to help you. They can answer questions immediately or can suggest alternatives, just like traditional clerk would. Unlike a traditional clerk, however, the support chatter can handle four or five customers at once.

At the cost of $33 per month for each operator using its software, it’s much cheaper than 800 lines, and definitely cheaper than lost sales. Think about it.


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