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Introducing tickets in LiveChat

We’ve just released our brand new ticketing system. All our clients can now handle both chats and tickets in LiveChat. It is completely free since we made it an integral part of LiveChat. Here’s the story behind it.

Tickets in LiveChat dashboard

Tickets in LiveChat can be easily monitored using the Dashboard .

The idea of putting tickets in LiveChat

For the past few years, we experimented with a number of help desks to handle our tickets. Some of them were discarded after a couple of days, some stuck for a longer. However, all of them ended up causing the same problems.

All the ticketing systems we used were far too complicated. Our communication with clients kept stretching and took too much of their and our time.

All this came around the time when we were trying to implement 24/7 support, which only got matters worse. Instead of speeding up the communication, we found ourselves hopping through loop after loop to make it all work with the old help desk. We got really fed up with it.

Open tickets in LiveChat

The list of all your open tickets in LiveChat.

That’s why we decided to shake things up a bit by creating our own system, one that would go well with our idea of instant customer service. The concept behind it was simple – a ticketing system that would work really well with LiveChat; tickets as a natural extension of chats.

We always offered a similar, more basic feature called offline messages. It allowed your customers to leave you messages when your LiveChat was not online, which was very similar to tickets. However, we had no built-in ways to reply to those messages, keep track of the communication and find out if the case was actually taken care of properly.

We went to the drawing board and designed a system that allows you to quickly handle all those messages. It tells you how quick your customer service is and which parts need improving. For example, every time you log in you will see all the cases that require your immediate attention. Open tickets are sorted in a way that shows you the oldest cases first, allowing you prioritize clients that had to wait the longest. Detailed reports will tell you how long a client had to wait for the first answer and how long it takes to finish a case.

Tickets efficiency stats

Ticket reports will help you measure your support effectiveness.

We’ve been using tickets in LiveChat for a couple of weeks now and it has done wonders for our response time. Previously, it took us around 7 hours to reply to a ticket due to all the backlog and difficulty of the old system. We were constantly behind our clients’ expectations. Now, when we can easily identify cases requiring attention, we reduced the first response time to around 20 minutes and it’s just the beginning.

Don’t take our word for it though. Try tickets in LiveChat yourself and see how much of a difference it makes to your LiveChat.


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