Triggers: automated & personalized customer support

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LiveChat triggers

LiveChat has recently been given a really great feature that will automate and personalize your customer support. We have introduced the triggers — the set of actions performed under some conditions. For example, LiveChat can automatically invite your website visitors to chat.

The power of triggers lays in a simple process: you configure it once and… that’s all! The system will work all the time, performing necessary actions automatically.

Trigger condition for Google search keyword

For example, with triggers you can automatically invite your website visitors to chat by sending them a tailored invitation message in such cases:

  • The visitor searched for customer support in Google and entered your website.
  • The visitor visited specific websites in order: Choose product » Confirmation » Payment.
  • The visitor has spent more than 2 minutes on your website.
  • The visitor came to your page from another referring website.

We have prepared the LiveChat triggers tutorial to see how to set up triggers in your account within few minutes.

If you have any suggestions regarding triggers, feel free to post them in the comments.


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