Visitor Satisfaction Rating Improves Customer Service

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I want YOU to make your customers happy!

Great customer service has long been at the core of our product. Happy customers are not only value in itself but they will use your services more often and recommend you to their friends, thus becoming your most effective sales people.

LiveChat is the best way to boost your customers‘ satisfaction, but how do you make sure if you’re doing it right? As ancient statistician proverb says: „If you can measure it, you can improve it”.

satisfaction rating in chat window With this idea in mind we brought you this nice little tool you can display in your chat window. After you enable it in the control panel, your visitors will see new thumb buttons, allowing them to voice their opinion on your customer service.

Of course this feature wouldn’t be of any use if you weren’t able to monitor the way your visitors are rating all of those chats. You can do it in several different ways.

visitor satisfaction in chat archives

One of them is to look at your chat archives. Every chat which has been rated is now indicated by small thumb icon. Find them quickly using our brand new chat filtering system!

Satisfaction rating statistics

If you’re more of a numbers-crunching-egghead type, you will surely love three completely new charts. Wondering how many of your chats were rated badly yesterday or which of your chat operators is the nicest one? It’s all covered!

You shouldn’t wait anymore, go ahead and turn it on in Control Panel » Settings » Chat Window.

Improve your customer service and make your customers the happiest in the world!


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