Web metrics, conversion and offline purchases

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As more and more e-marketers are beginning to value conversion rates above traffic data as the primary tool of measuring online advertising’s effectiveness we’d like to share our thoughts on the issue of conversion.

There are two main types of converting website visitors – the search type and the pitch type. In search type, the conversion relies on the user and is natural, organic; paid keywords and SEO are the tools used to increase the chance that the user will pick this particular site out of all the search records.

Pitch type, relies on the user first seeing and responding to an ad, which can take a form of a banner, video, animation etc. Then he’s attracted to a website and usually lead through a sequence of web pages. Marketers’ most typical goal in this scenario is to get the respondent’s contact information. And this is where the advertiser’s creativity and/or creativity of his advertising agency come into play as the sequence of the pages-screens must create a smooth and pleasant experience for the visitor.

What’s interesting, studies reveal that in various product categories more than 50% of all the purchases by consumers who conducted online searches occur offline, not online. This is why the typical measurements like online conversions and click-through rates don’t give a full perspective of web search campaigns.

What can we learn from it? Marketers shouldn’t rely on web-only metrics as the ROI of such campaigns can be much higher that the numbers usually taken into consideration might indicate.


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