Who is ROI-Boy?

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ROI-Boy - Return On Investment Boy - new LiveChat mascot

As some of you may have already noticed, we just got LiveChat a new home.

It took a couple of months of internal debates and brainstorming, designing and coding before we were ready to publish the result. What we needed wasn’t only a new website design – we wanted to tell a story.

We highlighted the unique value of the sales-oriented live chat software:

  • identification of the best prospects
  • intelligent triggers with personalized chat invitations
  • invitation > chat > sales conversion meter

Now, we are leaving the competition behind with their live support software and comparisons based on growing feature lists. As we focused on delivering simple and quality software, we got it a website that reflects it. And finally, we are trying to pass the emotions and positive attitude we are experiencing while working with you every day. :)

We have a story of success and all of our customers are a part of it. We are going to share the story with you and this buddy will help you succeed. Just follow his tips and grow your sales to the sky.

Meet our new mascot – ROI-Boy. Return On Investment Boy.


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