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Step Into the Future of Customer Service With BotEngine

We want to introduce you to BotEngine, a personal chatbot factory created by LiveChat.

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Create your chatbot without any programming skills

With BotEngine you can create your very own chatbot for LiveChat on your website. It’s not hard at all! You just need to create new chatbot scenarios.

media-rich messages

Increase your chatbot’s efficiency by sending media-rich messages to your customers.

Create image carousels within the new chat widget to showcase your products and close sales faster. You can also suggest customer responses to speed up the conversation.

Learn how to do it

Design your bot for different use cases

Use a simple drag and drop interface to build your conversations. You can design your bot to book a hotel room, answer common questions from your knowledge base or whatever you need!

Let the bot handle simple cases

A bot can take thousands of chats at the same time. No worries, it won’t get tired! It will help you deal with easier cases, giving agents more time to browse their Facebook focus on the difficult ones.

Integrate with botengine

Does the bot know the answers to all the questions?

Of course not, it’s not a god! It’s not even a Support Hero! The bot will transfer chats to agents if it can’t handle the case. Customers can also request a transfer if they want to talk to a real agent directly.

One-click integration

The integration is very easy and it takes just a few minutes. Take a look at our step by step guide that will teach you how to use a chatbot on your website.

See the tutorial

Provide better service with your bot

Each chat with a bot can be rated with thumbs up or down by customers. Chats are also stored in the archives, as usual. Use it to improve your bot and provide even better service to your customers.

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Speed up your customer service with LiveChat

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