Recruitment Process

We are huge fans of fast and efficient communication with our customers, based on the interaction between the two sides.

The same comes with you, our candidates.


You apply
We introduce


We introduce
You talk


You solve
We assess


We invite
You discover


You face
We support


We agree
You agree

Let’s run the world
together! :)

  1. Application. CV, portfolio or samples of your projects – you choose which piece of information describes you well. If you are away from the keyboard, you can also apply using the mobile version of our website and add a link to your LinkedIn profile, personal website or any other. Do you prefer to write a poem about your professional career rather than sending the résumé? No problem, drop us a line on We would like to take a close look at your profile and come back to you if you’re the one.
  2. Screening call with one of our recruiters. This is the moment during which we will hear each other for the first time. Prepare yourself for a couple of questions, such as: “What brings you to us?”, “What were your responsibilities at your previous job?”, “What tools do you use on your daily basis?”. Then, you have the opportunity to find out what’s inside LiveChat and how you could help us.
  3. Task. Taking up challenges is in our DNA – now it’s your turn to feel the thrill! Every position has different responsibilities, and the recruitment task is a reflection of it. As we value your time dedicated to our process, setting the task deadline is on you. Expect the feedback from our side – we want you to grow as fast as possible.
  4. Interview. Things get serious, so we would like you to meet our team. Ideally, in person and with coffee at our office, but we’re open for a video call as well. We want to discuss the solution to our task, your experience, and your plans. During the technical interviews, we usually perform a live-coding session. Never been to our office? That’s the perfect occasion. We end up every meeting with the office tour.
  5. Trial day. What would it be like to work at LiveChat? The trial day is an identifying mark and the last stage of our recruitment process which we hold to let you better understand our everyday reality. For you – that’s the perfect chance to see our organization inside, for us – the unique opportunity to check your skills in practice. Prepare yourself for some cool projects to work on and show us by the end of the day!
  6. Offer. We followed the recruitment path together until we got the final point – the employment offer. And now, there is no doubt that we will conquer the world of online communication together. Just say ‘yes’ :).

In case of questions, see our FAQ.

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