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Data Analyst

Wrocław, Poland

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Data Analyst

ProductAsset 5 Wrocław

Join us and get a chance to work with data from over 26000 businesses using the LiveChat app to communicate with customers.

We’re looking for a data analyst to help us make better, data-backed decisions. You’d be responsible for making sure we’re launching the best versions of new features, for finding out what our users really need based on their seemingly random actions and forecasting where we will end up after making a strategic decision.

You will be responsible for:

  • Finding out if a new release is positively affecting our metrics using a series of A/B tests;
  • Creating an analysis of our user base to find customers who might want to participate in tests of a new feature;
  • Looking at usage patterns of our users to find out which actions keep them in the app and which make them leave;
  • Analyzing how a given feature is affecting our bottom line and suggesting how we can improve on that;
  • Helping other people in the company with analyzing data and making good conclusions.

We’re looking for:

  • Three years of work experience in a similar job;
  • Good knowledge of analytical tools like Tableau, Excel, Amplitude, Chartmogul, Google Analytics;
  • Great communication skills;
  • The ability to work as a part of a team;
  • Experience with creating and cleaning data sets;
  • Creativity and imagination;
  • A knack for finding patterns in data;
  • Self-motivation and ability to organize your own work;
  • Not taking things at face value, filling the role of a skeptic.

We can offer:

  • A huge data set to play with;
  • Working on product that attracts more than 26k paid customers worldwide (and counting);
  • First-hand knowledge and experience in fields like customer service, online marketing, SaaS business;
  • Solid salary with all government expenses covered;
  • All the equipment, tools or books you will ever need or want;
  • Ability to work with other passionate people on a big-league project;
  • A dedicated spot just for you on our Team page.
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