How do you cope with chatting with multiple clients at the same time?

Hi there,

We are curious what was the biggest number of clients you chatted with simultaneously?

How do you manage talking with so many clients? Any good ideas to cope with a chatstorm :zap: :speech_balloon: ?

P.S. Here’s the new episode of “Are you a human” in which you can watch what our support heroes do to survive the busiests shifts.

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Wow, I am in so in awe of you guys handling 20+ chats! We have LiveChat set so each of our Agents can take on 4 chats at one time, and if we do have someone enter the queue, it’s a nice feature that we can add that person in as well - as long as we feel that we will be able to continue to meet the needs and speed of every customer.

I think the most that anyone has had here at one time would be 7 - I thought this was pretty high until now! :wink:


Depending on what the chats are, We had an issue on the website a few weeks ago, I had 25 or so chats on the go, they were very simple though, mainly picking the chat from the queue and using a canned response. Only had a few of them respond back so it was all good.


Our chats are usually in depth and labour intensive for the agent. We found we simply couldnt cope with multiple chats so they are set at a maximum of 1 per agent.