LiveChat causing PageSpeed woes

I spend a lot of time tweaking my UK-based company website to make it faster and faster.

Unfortunately, a reoccurring problem that I cannot change myself is that LiveChat assets are:

  • Slow to load
  • Slow to be interactive (on average adding 6s to my load times)
  • LiveChat relies on resources across many domains increasing DNS queries
  • Forces loading of Google Fonts that I do not want to use, and when doing so, doesn’t apply the “font-display: swap;” CSS feature

I’ve verified that the poor performance is not unique to me, but also other websites that I know who are based in the UK that use LiveChat too.

Can we do something about this?


Hi @mohammed.ahmed,

Google has published the update regarding Google Fonts, that lets you control web font loading using font-display. Thanks to it, last week we were able to make changes that allow our chat window to download fonts in the font-display: swap; configuration, so it should work properly.

When it comes to slow loading, our script does not affect the overall performance of your website, please check out the following article:

Also, please see a document that breaks down the loading of our script on a sample page:

This is total bull. The second we add your chat box, our site goes from a 90 to a 65 score. It is killing our SEO. We need a real solution, with proper code, or we need to move to another service.

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Hi @stadulis66! Could you please tell me if your website is implemented on Wordpress/any other service?