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Easy-to-use software for online customer service

Time is money – don’t let your customers wait to get their problems solved. LiveChat’s customer service software is a perfect tool to start supporting your customers in real-time. A handy app will give your team the power to provide the best customer service your visitors deserve. And If you’re new to live chat communication, don’t worry. We’ve got plenty of training resources to help you pick it up in an eye blink.

Give the best customer service with the LiveChat software

Our customer service software is designed to make the chatting experience nice and easy (for both you and your customers!). Answer the questions even faster with canned responses for popular topics and collect the precious data about your visitors to get more of the context. And after the chat ends, you can still learn from it – tag your chats to see statistics about particular cases and browse the archives any time you want.

Collect feedback and become better with every chat

Ask your customers how satisfied they are and make it a lesson learned. With LiveChat’s customer service software you can collect customer feedback after a finished chat or resolved ticket. For more specific information, use post-chat surveys that you can customize to your needs with specific questions, fields or, for example, a five-point scale.

Customizable chat window to fit your website design

Believe it or not, a chat window can match your website as it was an integral part of its design. You can easily personalize your LiveChat by picking chat window style, finding colors perfect for your brand or placing your logotype on it. And that’s not all of what’s there for you! Configure both looks and behavior of your chat with a bit of CSS magic, greet your customers in their own language (we translate into 45!) or add some social media buttons to let them reach your other channels straight from the chat.

Chat customization in WebApp - screen

Integrate with other platforms for even better customer service

Your customers may reach you via various channels, but wouldn’t it be great to handle them all from one app? With our Facebook integration, your customers can talk to you within their Facebook chat. All chats are transferred to your LiveChat, so you don’t have to switch apps and save chats in your archives getting all the precious statistics. And that’s not all of it – we integrate with multiple apps and services like Google Analytics, Facebook, Salesforce, MailChimp, DropBox, ZenDesk, and WordPress.

Useful reports to optimize your team’s work

Having the information about your chats’ performance gives you the chance to improve constantly. LiveChat lets you browse and analyze data such as a number of chats, chat satisfaction, average response time, your agents’ performance and many others. You can receive short daily reports or export chosen metrics as CSV file we’ll send right to your mailbox.

Customer service software and help desk tool in one app

LiveChat’s app is not only about chatting. Discover its full potential using help desk features built right into it. Sometimes you may need more time to resolve an issue from a chat. Create a ticket and come back to it later, when you have all the information you need to help your customers. Don’t switch between two separate softwares and pay for one product only!

Schedule the perfect number of agents to cover all chats

Don’t wonder how many support agents are enough for a shift, use data! Let the algorithm take into account the number of simultaneous chats your agents can handle and match it with a predicted chat volume. With this data, it will suggest you whether you should add more agents or allow more simultaneous chats per agent to deliver the best customer support.

Mobile customer service app for limitless communication

With LiveChat, you’re not tied to your desk to provide best customer service. Get the mobile app and answer your visitors’ questions on the go, right from your phone or tablet. It’s easy, it’s lightweight and so convenient.

Engage your visitors and turn them into leads

Encourage your customers to speak up and improve your sales in a result. They surely won’t miss the opportunity with one of the eye-catchers or a pop-up window. Set up multiple greetings that will invite your visitors to chat, based on particular actions they take. Is someone spending more than 5 minutes on a pricing page? Start a chat with a message tailored to that situation automatically.

Sleep well – your data is safe

To keep you double-safe, every connection to LiveChat is encrypted with the SSL protocol, for both your agents and customers. Log in using your Google account with 2-step verification. And yes, we’re GDPR compliant.

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